Monday, July 10, 2017

there are index cards EVERYWHERE!

which is just the way i like it!

day 32: desert or dessert

i compromised with a DESSERT ISLAND! featuring another die --the awesome palm tree-- from stephanie; i've used it on a leftover bit of colorburst-ed watercolor paper on which i used up several shades of green and a tiny bit of blue from another project; thus proving that there's never any SURPLUS colorburst experiments, just ones you haven't used yet!!! 

day 33: orange

more yummy colorburst, this time in shades of tangerine, orange, lemon and verrrrrrrrry diluted fuchsia. i painted the mandala shapes, let them dry, then came in with some paint pen and marker details on top. in case you're wondering, "hey lauren, aren't ordinary index cards a bit too thin to use for watercolor?" well... yeah... they are, really. even working pretty dry and blotting each color (which is how i got such soft pastel shades!) this card had warped considerably by the time i was done. so after it dried, i did quite a bit of smoothing and stretching to get it --more or less-- flat again. 
day 34: fourth of july

i'm not sure i've ever done this much collage during ICAD! i hope it isn't too boring to see, but i've been enjoying it so much, and since these cards are my "treat" at the end of each day, i just go along with whatever feels the most FUN!

day 35: favorite type of apple

yep. it's another collage! this one's composed of vintage bits, rice paper (which is so thin it's hard to see in the pic, but adds a lovely texture irl) and ink. my favorite part of this is that the sequin scrim pocket was just a few little leftover scraps which i used to demonstrate, for my nephew matthew, how the sewing machine works. after which, he sewed a bit of netting to one of his ICADs! 

day36: off prompt

a "clean up" collage of bits that were laying around on my art table. some loose ink + overstamp flowers that didn't afterall make it into the garden book; a tiny snip of vintage photo, and loads of different sheet music scraps that i tried to piece together like a puzzle. oh and a bit of drywall tape --my new favorite weird collage item, lol-- on top. it's funny that whereas, in other years, the 3x5" format has seemed constraining to me... this year that feels like the PERFECT size; so i'm just rollin' with it...

 day 37: off prompt (again) 

another colorburst mandala card! this time tangerine, lemon and olive are my colors, and i was trying to play with layers of color without making my divider tab card so wet that it got all pilly. thus my design has morphed into a kind of fiery, flowery, swirly hybrid! 

 day 38: charcoal

i started off with the best of intentions: i'd follow the prompt, albeit tangentially, by making a collage entirely from greyscale ingredients. i got as far as the ballerina, and the next thing i knew, there were all these other non-black and white bits! including a scrap of glittery papaya art giftwrap that they no longer even make, so i'm kind of happy to commemorate that in collage form! 

hope your monday has started off well and that this will be the best week of your summer so far!


  1. Your collages are wonderful - never tire of seeing them. I've been "drying" my watercolor cards using the heat from my laptop and my quilted laptop sleeve. I let them air dry a little if they're too soppy and then sandwich it between two other cards and slip it under.

  2. I keep hoping by seeing your collages they will rub off on me, I never tire of seeing them either. all these index cards are fab. even the off prompt mandalas.

  3. A dessert island. If that isn't awesome then I don't know what is!

  4. Now I need to add some drywall tape to my arsenal ... and I love seeing how you used the palm trees ... and no one ever tires of your amazing collages ... they are tiny little masterpieces.

  5. Please do not stop collaging onto the index cards, I love seeing them in my Insta feed Lauren, they inspire me and make me happy. Tiny pockets of happiness :) Cx


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