Saturday, July 22, 2017

still ICAD-ing over here...

although i must say that july seems to be racing past even more quickly than june; which is rather astonishing. but you know what they say, "time flies when you're making tiny, experimental works of art on index cards" or... you know... words to that effect. ;)

here are this week's cards from the amazing, if almost-over (how is that possible?!) 2017 index card a day project:

day 45: night sky
i haven't done as many colorburst watercolor ICADs this year, for the most prosaic of reasons: i only have a few extra-heavy, white tabbed cards (the kind that don't actually disintegrate when you use wet media on them) left! but obviously this NEEDED to be a watercolor! a blend of fuchsia, wisteria and indigo, to be exact.
(brace yourself for a massive watercolor phase in august though, lol!)

day 46: love
as in "love, comma, everything that i..."
(specifically layers and layers of vintage bits, with some machine stitching on top!)

(the machine stitching is actually in the shape of a heart, a fact that's only noticeable on the back of the card, lol)

day 47: layers
do you ever have an idea that is so persistent you literally cannot think of anything else until you've got it out onto paper? this was one of those. and OF COURSE it's not an idea i needed *now*! it's actually for one of my sept/oct classes. but i suddenly thought of a way to combine collage and stamping in a way that i'm not sure anyone else has combined collage and stamping. the collage is loosely overlapped scraps of vintage paper which fit inside a (rough) frame; the stamping is on 2 or 3 torn scraps of parchment paper and colored on the back with alcohol ink, then the fragments are "reassembled" to make one image. in this case a flower-- in the class it'll be a leaf!
(act surprised when you see the actual leafy cards at the end of august on the paper anthology class page, k thx!)
day 48: intersection
in lieu of actual paintings, however, i've been working in as many pre-painted colorburst scraps as possible, in collage form. 

b/c YEAH, i save all the little bits that didn't work out how i wanted at the time, and the offcuts on which i painted the extra pre-mixed color. to you they may look like a mess, but i see TREASURE from which i can construct funky mandalas on top of a vintage maps! ♥

day 49: off prompt
a "simple" idea that wound up taking FOREVER, lol. and another use of the rainbow hoard, actually. hand-cut chevrons, in rainbow colors, arranged in a sort of starburst pattern.
(this took sooooo muuuuuuch longer than that sentence implies, but 'nuff said...)

day 50: sun or moon
more scraps and leftovers. the bits that make up the mandala/sun/flower were from a gelatos class; b/c i have to demo the technique each time, so i wind up with duplicates. i expect that normal people toss those, or make them into cards? ok, let's face it, i have no idea what normal ppl do, lol, and it'll never apply to me anyway, so i stick them in with the colorburst "leftovers". on the plus side, i always have something interesting to grab at times like these, so i'm callin' that a win! ;)

i'll be (wo)manning the shop at paper anthology today, so if you're running errands anywhere near kenvil, nj, stop in and say HOWDY! 


  1. I wish I could create things as stunningly beautiful as these! you totally rock, Lauren! Jo x

  2. I agree with Dotty, I keep looking hoping something will rub off on me. Awesome icads

  3. fabulous, the chevrons are my favorite for sure.


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