Monday, July 3, 2017


if not... you still totally could join the index card a day project for the month of july! there's no need to catch up, or commit to every single day, honestly. it will still "count" i promise! check out the prompts and make as many --or as few-- as appeal to you! or "go rogue" and use a few index cards to experiment with a collage technique you've always wanted to try; or a stamp you love but haven't used yet; or even to play around with that really cool supply you bought because EVERYONE was using it... but then... you got a bit intimidated and decided not to open the package? (because we ALL have at least one of those, don't we??!?!) 

meanwhile, here are the crazy ideas that went swirling through my head last week, and landed on various index cards:

day 26: portrait 
couldn't decide between a tiny composer portrait from some cool vintage sheet music my sweet friend ometa pope shared with me, or FDR on a postage stamp. so i went with both. bc in collage, the more the merrier i say!!! :)

day 26: green
these started out as colorburst "blotter" cards from when i was making some of the smooshy birds, to which i added bits of paper, random stamping, some ancient, unrelated, last-in-the-packet rub-ons and... well, if it was on my worktable at the time, it probably wound up on one of these cards, lol.

day 27: off prompt
there's never a BAD time, imo, for a distress ink rainbow mandala with pen doodles on top!

day 28: dashboard
admittedly a tangential take on the prompt, but in this context that's sort of the point. when i'm making stuff for assignments or challenges, and i start veering off in a completely different direction, i need to steer back onto course. with ICAD, i can just GO WITH IT and see what happens. which is actually incredibly cool and fun!

day 29: polka dots
or in this case: polka + dots; the latter being little discs i punched from a leftover colorburst + flower stamping experiment that i didn't love, but it was too pretty to throw away.

day 30: gyroscope
deconstructed gyroscope. or possibly "gyroscope that's been involved in a serious accident could you call for help please"??

day 31: faux wallpaper
more colorburst castoffs and leftovers. made into wallpaper swatches. kinda. let's just go with it, k? 

thanks for hanging out with me!
 i hope today that you will sneak in some creative time that is JUST FOR FUN!


  1. These are all fabulous, love your take on most of the prompts. especially the gyroscope.


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