Sunday, July 9, 2017

What to do with Watercolor Doodles

July is World Watercolor Month, so there are a lot of awesome watercolor-related prompts and challenges in the blogiverse and on Instagram. Which means you might very well wind up with a bunch of random ColorBurst paintings of patterns or shapes or rainclouds... or... possibly even stripes with loads of pen doodles on top, lol. You could paste them into a cool watercolor journal, or use them for backgrounds. Or you could make a fancy (but super-easy) custom monogram, like this one:

What You'll Need:

Watercolor Doodles 
(mine consist of rainbow ColorBurst stripes, painted with a flat brush about 1/16" apart on Strathmore watercolor paper, allowed to dry thoroughly, and then doodled upon with various sizes of Pitt Artist Pens by Faber-Castell)
Monogram Template 
(instructions below)
Scissors and possibly an Xacto Knife
Foam Tape
Plain Gift Bag

Let's Go!

Type the letter of your choice into a Word document, 
size it to fit your watercolor panel (mine is 4x6")
print it out in a light color, reversed, on plain paper.
(I've used a free font called "Storybook")

Tack the printed monogram to the back of your watercolor panel
with a small amount of dry adhesive and cut it out, 
using an Xacto knife for any interior cuts 
(like the "window" at the top of the A); and scissors for the rest.

Ink or outline around all the edges in black, 
so your letter will really stand out.

Affix the monogram to a gift bag (or card, or package) 
with foam tape and embellish as desired. 
I've attached a couple of Paper Flowers to the letter 
and trimmed my plain white bag with a few strips 
framed by Pearl Bling Strips

Put a little present into the finished bag and practice looking modest 
when your delighted recipient asks, "HOW did you do that??!"


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