Tuesday, June 2, 2015

scrappy chevron card tutorial

ok, so, like most things that involve a modicum of precision and many small pieces, there is nothing difficult about this, but it's definitely fiddly. on the other hand, it's a great way to use up LOTS of tiny scraps. as i mentioned in the post above, the most crucial bit of designing for this is to select a background paper that is gridded (or at least lined!) because that will allow you to place the chevron halves easily in pairs without having to measure and mark where they all go. because honestly... life's too short for that much measuring, darlings! :)

step 1: 
trim a bunch of scraps to whatever consistent width you'd like to use. 
(mine are 1/2" wide.)

step 2: 
use a protractor OR... if, like me, you're totally non-mathy, a diagonally bisected square... to give each end a 45-degree angle. i've also used my 1.5" punched square as a template in order to make each small angled strip the same size without having to do a lot of measuring. (because as i mentioned in the intro, i'm just not that keen.)

step 3:
repeat step two a whoooooooooooooooole lot of times until you have twice as many segments as you'd like there to be chevrons in your design. if you'd like to ink, outline, stamp or otherwise decorate your segments, this is the time to do so.

step 4:
use your gridded or lined background paper to pair up the two halves of each chevron. i've arranged mine in three rows of five chevrons, and i've left one tiny 1/8" grid square of my (sadly retired) basic grey "basics" paper blank between the two halves of each chevron, because it makes the design look more like my orginal inspiration pin

step 5:
repeat step four until you've completed the entire design. add flowers or other embellishments, if desired. then come back here and leave me a link to your awesome creation!!! ♥


  1. Awesome job thanks for the instructions too.

  2. That looks like it requires so much patience (which I never seem to have enough of) but I love the look and will have to try! A beautiful card too!


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