Thursday, June 18, 2015

index cards for EVERYBODY!

more ICAD fun is taking place on the daisy yellow blog, in the flickr group, on facebook and especially on instagram, where there is inspiration galore!!! here are my latest cards:

015: route 66
this one really had me stumped, until i remembered a cool map that june drew, with some interstate route signs on it, which looked pretty awesome. since ICAD locks me into the same size and shape for every card, i've been experimenting with the placement of my images; at the moment, i quite like letting them go off the page... especially something like a route sign that really needs to be symmetrical, lol! (there's always a way to "cheat"!) :)

 016: greeting card
i nearly skipped this one because, afterall, my main area of papercrafting is making cards, and ICAD is meant to be a "break". finally i went with a hand-drawn birthday-themed image, that i wasn't in love with, so i decided to add lots of pattern and details. ...and now... ok, i still don't like it, but that's fine, ICAD is about *process* so it's good to have a few clunkers which take us out of our comfort zone!

017: wabi sabi
there's always at least one ICAD prompt that i have to look up. one year it was the ogee pattern; another was payne's grey. this time it was wabi sabi, which is the japanese aesthetic that reveres beauty which is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" and especially celebrates nature, patina, and a sort of rustic vibe. so i went with vines on a brick wall, which i sort of like the look of, but i reallllllllllllly liked the hypnotic feeling of drawing and painting. so i'm callin' this one a win! :)


  1. Very nice! I had to look up wabi sabi too.

  2. Super fun, love your drawings!

  3. Your drawings are so cool! I'm jealous of your talent!

  4. I call all of these a win…especially you "cheat" of an interstate sign. I agree…that symmetrical thing is really tricky!


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