Sunday, June 21, 2015

now even ICAD-ier!

more index cards, anyone? because it just so happens i have a few more to show:

018: treehouse
i was going for something fun and magical, like maybe elves would live in, or fairies, or just very thin people without any fear of confined spaces or heights. however i'm pretty sure that exterior staircase won't meet minimum safety standards anywhere-- probably not even in magical fictional worlds-- so i expect to hear from the elfin version of OSHA any day now.

019: snowglobe
still really loving teeny tiny cities, and also to let my drawings go off the page. fairly proud that after many (MANY!) attempts to draw a simplified version of the eiffel tower, i've actually produced one that's recognizable, wahey!!!

020: color wheel
this one started off with the idea of rainbow colors, and wheels with spokes and trimmings, like on fancy bikes; but i got a bit carried away with the fancifying. ok, yeah, maybe more than a bit. but you know... inna good way, lol...

021: the 1970's
holy moly, what a decade that was for design! it's impossible to draw anything too bright, too colorful, or too crazy... just go back and look at the magazines or tv shows, it was a free-for-all! thus david cassidy and i both fit right in; which is nice because, as a matter of fact, we had the same haircut in 1974 (and at least one of us is still having flashbacks)!!! :)


  1. Wonderful! You're right about tye 70s too! 😃

  2. My goodness girl, you never ever cease to amaze me!!! I am in love with that fabulous fairy/treehouse - can I move in? I make a really good neighbour, promise! I would just use the staircase as a slid to descend and, you know, fly up! lol
    Your Paris snow globe is to die for!!! I love, love, love it!!!
    I love your colour wheels and the last one reminds me
    of the Care Bears for some reason - the clouds, the colours, the rainbow I suppose. I think the one I had was Rainbow bear, or perhaps Funshine Bear...taking a trip down memory lane. lol
    Thanks for the fantabulous inspiration!
    Shanna :)

  3. Your icads blow me away. Your elfin/fairy treehouse is wonderful. Your Eiffel tower perfect, color wheel is gorgeous and perfect doodling, and the 1970s icad should be the icon for soul train :)

  4. Those are some nice icad designs. The treehouse is great!


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