Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SOS106: geometric shapes

i confess that i had a hard time getting started for this week's challenge at shopping our stash. the brief is to make a project that uses geometric shapes: hexagons, triangles, circles, rectangles... well, you get the idea! for some reason i just went completely blank, and could not think of an interesting way to incorporate such shapes into a card. at all. then suddenly it hit me, "of course!" i said to myself, "it's like quilting!" and then once i had that idea, i had a hard time STOPPING making quilty type cards. (and there you have *ME* in a nutshell, lol!) :)

so here's a set of notecards i made, each using the "geometric" idea:

ok, there are just TOO many patterned papers to list here, and every single one of them were scraps AND quite elderly, so i'm not even going to try. if you see something you loooooove, shoot me an email and i'll try to figure out who made it, k?! :) :) :)

to make these, i used punches and my handy guillotine chopper to make little squares, circles, triangles and rectangles out of approximately elebenty thousand different paper scraps. i inked the edges, tacked the shapes onto a white cardstock base with a gluetape runner, and then when each card was assembled i "quilted" around the shapes with my sewing machine and some nice sturdy white upholstery thread. i'm not actually sure it wouldn't be possible to have MADE A TINY FABRIC QUILT in the time i spent doing these, but they are the kind of fiddly-but-easy job i actually enjoy at the end of the day, so i found them quite relaxing. i think i'm going to give them to my mother-in-law for her birthday, as she is a handmade card fancier AND a quilter, too!

and now i recommend you make a trip to SOS and see the shapely designs of my design teammates! ♥


  1. LOVE these Lauren - I'm sooo stealing your idea! How tiny are the squares? 1 inch or less? did you ink all the edges?

  2. What a fabulous and thoughtful gift ... I love them all but the green squares and circles seems the most *doable* for me ... fantastic my dear.

  3. Oh my...these are like tiny quilt masterpieces...excellent work!

  4. Oh, these would be a totally perfect gift for her! Awesome! And OMG, I am so tempted now to ask you about a specific paper...just to see what happens :)

  5. Yikes these are fabulous!! I adore your stitching ... so very creative and so very effective!

  6. Oh what a lot of beautiful organizing. I love your quilted cards. Keep smiling and creating

  7. Saw your quilt cards on the challenge blog and wanted to say how much I liked them. Great job!

    Have a wonderful day,
    • Carson's Creations •

  8. I saw these at SOS yesterday...I was amazed at ALL of the cards by the DT, and when I got to your cards my jaw dropped open. FOUR gorgeous quilt cards! And the stitching made me drool. You have outdone yourself again. Your MIL is sooooooo lucky to have you!

  9. LOVE them~~~ I never do geometric anything like that. I would have been hard pressed to figure out what to do.


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