Wednesday, June 26, 2013

cavalcade of ICADs!

as with last year, i'm not having any trouble keeping up with the index card a day project... and i am love♥LOVE♥loving it again, too! but for some reason, i find it difficult to keep up with the photo-n-post part of the deal. it really shouldn't be hard, should it? i mean, it's only ONE extra pic per day. but somehow, i'm making it difficult. sooooooooo unlike me, lol! :) anyway, i did a big photo catch-up session and here they are, right up to last night's card! can i get a wahey?!

 017: stencils
my only rule for these cards is NOT to stop if i don't like how they're turning out. the first two rounds of stencilling were dull and weird, respectively, so i just kept layering stuff on top. finally, (perhaps in self-defense?) the card decided to start lookin' kinda cool!

018: postage stamp
i really like this one, i'm not sure why. well ok, it's got a vintage stamp, some hoarded ephemera, and i've used my beloved manual typewriter. mystery solved.

019: polka dots, take 1
some stencils, some marker, some patterned paper... nothing wrong with this, but i'm not in love

020: polka dots, take 2
my personal "just keep going" rule is a carry-over from last year; this year, tho, i've decided i can have a second go at any prompt that went awry. all the way up to the sewing, i was still on the fence, but to me it ties the whole thing together.

021: italy
multiple vintage travel book goodness, in all its splendor. and some felt thickers on top. va bene! :)

022: flat but layery collage
it's just paper and rub-ons. ok, a bunch of paper... and a lot of rub-ons, lol. too layery?? nahhhhhhh.

 023: summer
ok, yeah, i went a little mad with product here. but, you know, inna GOOD way! :) :) :)

024: quote
one of my art journaling mottoes: when in doubt, hand-stamp a buddha quote; in this case i wish i'd put the second "happiness" on the other side of the "is", because it'd be easier to read, but other than that, i like it. 

025: owl
i'm really really loving this sort of free-form paper-piecing type style, and this was fun to make. having said that, my owl (whom i modelled loosely after a hambly rub-on) kind of looks like a space alien. i think it's the eyes. yeah. it's the eyes. maybe i should rename this "U.F.Owl"? ok, see, now he looks kinda creepy cool. context, darlings! context!!! :)

it's not too late to ICAD with us... and it's sooooooooooooooo fun! think about it!!! ♥♥♥


  1. these truly are little works of art...I am so in awe of your skillz- love that little owl!

  2. I just love your index cards, everyone of them has its own beauty and so brilliantly done!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello, long time, how's the new house going?

  3. Absolutely fabulous ... every one!! I just don't know how you do it!!

  4. Ha ha ha - U.F.Owl Creepy cool is just as good as plain old ordinary cool in my book.

    Fantabulous icads! I'm totally in love with the summer one. So creative!

  5. I LOOOVE your cards! The polka dots with the sewing is my absolute favourite though.

  6. Oh these are so wonderful. I love them all, but the postal tribute really delights me.

  7. You icads are truly wonderful!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Gotta love that owl. Of course, the sun glasses are pretty cool, too.And then there's Italy, so very ciao. And, like you, I love the postage stamp and sewing. Please don't ask me to pick a favorite. I adore them ALL.

  9. I love your style! Postage Stamp is truly awesome, along with Polka Dots, Take 2 and Owl. If you ever make up postcards or ATCs like your Postage Stamp index card, I'd love to do a trade! (I'm a huge fan of all things postal and stitched!)

  10. Your collaged icads are truly beautiful! love the variety and lots of layers. hmmm, you've made me think I should get out that old typewriter that I have around here somewhere...

  11. Wow!! I love all your cards. These are all really great. I don't take daily photos as well, I am always the worst at uploading them, but I figure the most important part is the actual doing. :)


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