Saturday, June 8, 2013

ICAD: the rest of week 1

is it just me, or did this week FLY BY??! in my case, i think it was partly because i am having soooooooo much fun making a random collage or other little bit of art on an index card every night! i've been working partially off the week's prompt list, partially with the optional themes, and partially just doing what i feel like doing. and here's what's happened so far:

003: recycle
the base of my card is part of the cardboard carrier from a six pack lovely husband jeff was excited to discover lurking in the "boutique" section of our local liquor dept... i think this represents my first (and so far ONLY, lol!) beer-inspired artwork! :)

004: faux stitching (take 1)
i was delighted with the colorful background i created using water soluble wax crayons... until i remembered... they're HARD to write on top of with pen! i came perilously close to violating my *ONLY* icad rule (do NOT scrap an "unsuccessful" card--just KEEP GOING!) when i thought of rub-ons. i don't LOVE this card, but i'm kind of weirdly proud of it. (this also represents the "rainbow" idea tammy suggested as a possible theme for the week.)

005: faux stitching (take two)
as an addendum to the "just keep going" rule, i decided that this year, if i want to have a second go at some of the prompts, that's fair game; so i did another version of the crazy quilt idea using patterned paper. (and again, it's rainbow-y!) 

006: crown
back to collage for this one: layers of vintage paper, sewing pattern, press-on stickers, ink, etc

007: rainbow
hand cut arcs with real stitching instead of faux; i thought about adding words somewhere, but in the end i decided not to. at least for now.
something i like almost as much as making ICADs myself, is seeing what other folk are doing... especially gina! why not go check it out, or better yet, join in!!! ♥♥♥


  1. Your work is rad! I [especially] like 006, for obvious reasons...

  2. Great Cards! I really like the last one!!

  3. Oooh!!! I am loving this! I'm so excited we decided to do this and I'm totally keeping up so far! I even just went and looked for this weeks new prompts and they aren't up I don't think. Totally bummin' me out on that, but still. I LOVE seeing yours. The faux stitching 2 is my fav. I love it. Its so pretty. I also love the rainbow one. OMG... Now I want to do a rainbow card! I just posted a few more of my cards. The crown one is adorable too

  4. These look amazing my friend. Love that stitching..


  5. Terrific them all! Liquid aloha sounds pretty good right now...!

  6. Fabulous! Wonderful icads.

    I think I'm going to have to live vicariously though you for icad this year. I just don't think I have the time. :-(

  7. Loved reading your about me... we would definitely be friends.... though for me it is Burts Bees with peppermint rather than chapstick... completely addicted ... and loved your cards to pieces... great to have found you and your blog through ICAD ...xx

  8. Okay I made a card last night. Meaning I'm only 2 days behind... but~!! I won't be able to make cards for the next two days. total bummer. I can't wait to see more of yours. I know I posted on here already, I was just reposting to keep our spirit in the ICAD 2013!!! You should see some of the cards people are posting on the facebook. LOVE. Gotta check the flickr group again.

  9. OH MY GOSH. I love all your cards, and was oohing and aahing, and then I saw your rainbow and almost squealed out loud. FABULOUS. Love.

  10. Oh, you had me at Wegman's...the faux stitching cards are fun, and the real stitching is fab, but the collage or press on stickers is pure genius my friend!


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