Sunday, June 23, 2013

i have a bunch more ICADS done...

...but i haven't photographed them yet, and since another sunday is quickly slipping away, i've elected to post with fewer cards, but sooner. sound good? let's go!

013: super-fast collage
as a figure of some repute amongst overthinkers, one of my favorite (and proudest!) parts of the ICAD project is making a conscious effort to work more instinctively. which sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn't it, lol?! but for me it's harder NOT to plan, so this "glue-as-you-go" creation coming together in about 10 minutes was fairly awesome!

014: rainbow riot
another 10-minute collage. i don't love the finished product of this one as much... but that's ok... this exercise (for me!) is really waaaay more about process than outcome. plus... POPSICLES!!! :) :) :)

015: circus
speaking of process vs outcome: i saw a really cool idea on gina's blog (she made a background for a vintage illustration) and i had a shot at something similar. mine's NOTHING like gina's, and also, i really don't like how this looks AT ALL... but the exciting part is trying something completely new, regardless of what happens! you should try it!!! ♥

016: the other lady
when i cut things out, i rarely have just one layer. case in point: when i cut out the sewing pattern lady from the super-fast collage, i held a piece of magazine and some dictionary paper behind her. sometimes i use the silhouettes with the original; sometimes they go off and pursue solo projects. this is one of the latter, obviously.

ps: to read all about the index card a day project, 2013, check out the FAQ on the admirable and inspiring daisy yellow art blog! ♥


  1. Wow, these are fabulous, Lauren!

  2. Hi there !
    Today I had to stop and say for as long as I have been cutting paper I had never thought to cut the same image/silhouette from layers of different papers. DUH. I've done it with punches and I've done it with die cutter thingies.....but scissors!!! I am running to the nearest magazine and grabbing my dictionary on the way. THANKS !

  3. These are terrific ... I have to say that the first one is my favourite ... Just love it!

  4. I do love the pattern illustration 'gal' against the textures created by the various papers, well done on all of them!

  5. Amazing!! I love them. I like how you did the circus one. That is so cool with the sewing. Very nice. I think it turned out fantastic. :)


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