Thursday, June 13, 2013

more ICAD anyone?

because when you're making an index card a day, they kinda add up! :) 

008: random collage
this might be my favorite so far, it's just three pieces of b+w magazine glued together... (the face of one woman, the lips of another and the eyeglasses and hand of of a middle-aged man) ...with a caption glued on top, but it makes me laugh every time i see it! :)
009: city or map
i did a bit of both, as a way of declaring that i totally *NEED* a city day. and SOON!!!
010: camera
this one is free-hand paper-pieced, something i never tried before, but i definitely will again!!! i used the simple image of a camera from a sadly retired set of hambly rub-ons as a sort of jumping off point, and lots of little blue scraps.

011: ivy
copics and sharpie marker + an index card. = 20 totally satisfying minutes at the end of a long day!

012: sunshine
layers and layers of pencil, ink, crayon, marker, paper, ribbons, tape, tiny stickers... well you get the idea!
so how is your week going? if it's only been "ok" so far... maybe you should grab an index card or two?! ♥♥♥


  1. fun, fun, fun .. i love ICAD time!

  2. Omg, I loves them all! Usually I'll pick a fave out of multiple projects but I just can't this time because they're all awesome!!!! Seeing these bits of creative genius so makes me want to icad too. Someone send me more time!!

  3. Awesome!! I've totally been wishing I could go up to NYC lately. That would be so cool. My summer is so booked. I love all your cards! The collage one is so neat. :)

  4. these are great!! i love the random collage 008...perfect!

  5. Love your ICADs...the random collage is super!!!

  6. such fun cards, and terrific variety! love that face with the oversized lips...kinda scary, in a funny way!

  7. Such a fun variety of cards! I totally love the altered-features woman.

  8. Oh Snap and Sunshine caught my eye a lot, but as a group these are all wonderful... it is a great project to be part of...xx

  9. Sunshine and the LOOK are my faves. I like what you did with those images of the face. I also like the diversity you show with each card. Lovely and lively.

  10. These are all wonderful; I couldn't possibly choose a favorite. The sheer variety makes them terrific!


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