Sunday, December 23, 2012

the last xmas cards of 2012

actually, they are not christmas cards as such, but money enclosures, which we're giving our eldest niece and nephew; so i wanted them to be the same and yet different! and they are, see?

(patterned paper--mostly scraps: echo park, basic grey, sei, mme; kraft cardstock: hobby lobby; ink: colorbox; ribbon: making memories: pen for faux stitching: copic multiliner; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape)

for the layout i used the current mojo monday sketch, which i think you'll agree is quite fabulous...

...i even included the little bow.  in my version, it's the thing that holds the flap closed, so the money will stay in! :)

i happened to have a couple of very cool stripey airmail envelopes that i thought would be perfect for these; they're either vintage or vintage-style, i'm not sure which, but it doesn't particularly matter to me, they are just FUN! i also had some boxes of xmas candy, so i stuffed everything into store-bought bags (wouldja believe 50 cents at target??!) which i personalized with alphabet stickers. et voila!

we are now officially ready for our day trip to maryland for an early "christmas" with jeff's family. can everybody pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease cross their fingers that it will not snow today on the I-95 corridor? ta v much! ciao, darlings! ♥


  1. I'm hoping the snow will be up a little farther north ;)
    LOVE the fun money cards - perfect for kids at that certain age - and how awesome that they have a little somethin' to enjoy right away. You're so smart :)
    Have a wonderfully happy Christmas & a safe travel!

  2. Sweet money cards!

    Wave to me from not so very far away!!!!! *waves madly*

  3. Awww sweet! Cute christmas cards and very nice photos. From me to yours, a very sincere and warm merry christmas wishes for you and your family. Have a wonderful celebration!

  4. Loveliness! Hope your trip was flake-free. Merry Christmas to you.

  5. I LOVE your card! Great design and mix of patterns.

    The personalized gift bags are adorable too. Great idea.


  6. adorable cards and gift bags! Happy Holidays!

  7. You do such a marvellous job...really individual and perfect.....happy Christmas!!!!!!!!

  8. Love your pretty cards and what sweet looking bags!

  9. I never saw those bags at Target, because I would have bought them!! How cute!!! I love the personalization.


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