Thursday, December 6, 2012

it's important to have a plan!

i didn't say it had to be a GOOD plan!)  :) :) :)

hello, darlings and happy thursday! are you having a nice december so far? mine has been excellent... but a bit hectic... and kind of short on the blogging, for which i apologize. at the moment, i'm all about writing out and mailing holiday cards! wouldja like to see the cool address label i made? (please say yes, k, 'cause it's the only crafty thing in this post!)

i used anna aspnes' retro christmas kit and snow spray brushes #3 from o'scraps, plus katie pertiet's clipped journalers stacks and inked flakes from designer digitals. (if you happen to need a label, i'd be happy for you to g'head and snag some of these to use on your cards or packages!) 

some other stuff i've been doing this week:

enjoying the unseasonably warm and spring-like weather here in the northeast this week... it was 60+ degrees on monday and tuesday!!!

attending the members' preview of the astonishingly cool new matisse exhibit "in search of true painting" at the metropolitan museum of art.

catching up (belatedly!) on the last season of the closer and the first season of major crimes; totally impressed by the quality of acting and writing in both.

crocheting lots and lots (and lots!) of twinkie chan's delightful cupcakes.

visiting my second "specialist" dentist of the year, to get the second half of my implant/crown thingie completed. (if you've got a minute around 4:30pm, darlings, i sure could use a few "good dental vibes"!!!) 

treating myself to one of krispy kreme's luscious red velvet doughnuts.

walking extra miles on the treadmill at the gym or-- as a special treat in yesterday's warm-for-december temps-- OUTSIDE (oh the luxury!) to counter-act the "doughnut effect"!

drinking in the gorgeous christmas decorations of fifth avenue with my mom on our annual "christmas windows tour" of manhattan. (i'll do a whole post on this, next week!)

driving to (just plain) york, pennsylvania, this saturday to celebrate our eldest niece jessica's 21st (!!!) birthday!!! ♥♥♥

planning a visit to longwood gardens to see the holiday finery later this month with lovely husband jeff's lovely parents.

buying our christmas tree on sunday; so far i don't have a "scheme" for decorating it, so i'm thinking we'll go with the special ornaments jeff and i both have collected from childhood to the present. i'll post some photos when it's decorated.

so what have ♥YOU♥ been doing this week? whatever it may be, i hope you've had a bit of fun doing it! ♥♥♥


  1. oh that address label is so CUTE!!!! *will be watching for mine! lol

    love love love the sweet cupcakes :)

    sending lots of good thoughts for your dental visit! :)

    not much going on here. sent out cards last week, finished shopping last week, now just need to do baking :) we don't put up a tree. **2 cats + 1 tree = way to much fun for THEM and not for us!!!

  2. WOW.. I am tired just reading your list. Good thing it's almost bed time. Your Address label is too cute. And I just adore those crochet cupcakes.


    I am sending good dental vibes out to you - long periods of work? Not so much fun. Totally worth it afterwards, but not so much fun.
    My plans? So far:
    *home with sick kid - just a cold, though. He's good, just phlegmy.
    *watching season 3 of Sons of Anarchy. Guilty pleasure, really ;)
    *crocheting a 2nd blanket - because I am a goof, and didn't realize until I was halfway done the last one (yes, a Christmas gift!) that one of the yarns I chose....crocheted up as camouflage. Holy NOT WHAT I WANTED, Batman. And too far into the thing to quit. So I finished it & started the next one.
    *making umpteen Christmas cards. (And, just for fun, 'phlegmy' is not a word according to Google, and 'umpteen' is. Huh.

  4. I don't know what it about newspaper and toilet paper but Smokey always has a plan! And the plan is always executed promptly.

  5. cupcakie goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love the label and I love your sharings:)

  6. Fabulous post! Tooooooooooooo cute!

  7. Lauren - Love the tag!! Too cute....and that cat? That's what my cat would do with a to-do list. Guaranteed! Aren't you loving the weather?? Its a bit chillier here now but the sun is out and for that I am thankful cuz you are so right, very soon we could be knee-deep and I'm not sure I want that this year. My accident was a snowmobile accident on January 3rd. It was our first snow fall and very very cold. We hardly had any snow after that last winter but the the 2 snowfalls we had really bothered me. Inside. In my gut. I don't remember the accident at all. Nothing. But the snow triggers something inside. That and the smell of the two-stroke engines of the sleds. So...moving south sounds real good to me right now ;)
    Praying your dental work goes well today!

  8. sounds like you've been plenty busy as have I. I kwym - with MANY cards to address and stamp, it makes it difficult to keep posting fun stuff on the blog! Love your label and your adorable cupcakes! Cheers,
    Shanna :)

    p.s. I am on the treadmill as we "speak" - I'm thinking of it as preventative calorie burning - oh well, it feels right anyway, lol!!!

  9. Oh, coming to good ole PA, are you? Well, enjoy yourselves! I'm gonna have to keep a look out for those stickers...I have never seen them in the Michael's I go to...humph! Your card is a beauty, BTW! :)

  10. Meaning the post ABOVE this one...oops! :)

  11. You have been a bizzy, bizzy bee! I'm a slacker in comparison, so never mind. :)

  12. A Matisse exhibit?? WAHHH!>>><<<>>>??? Dang! I wanna go. I hope you had a great time. Pics of your tree requested. !! :)


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