Thursday, December 20, 2012

i feel *SLIGHTLY* less guilty...

...about my thanksgiving weekend papaya art store binge* now that i've used some of the proceeds (ie this divine glitter giftwrap) to make a gift for someone else:

actually i made two of them; for my friends, janet and liz. i used a couple of dollar store gift boxes that were frankly... well... i hate to criticize another designer's vision, but these things were ugly. i should've taken a "before" picture, but, as usual, i only thought of it after. (sigh) ah well. i actually covered the box and the lid permanently, rather than just wrap them, and i've attached the dragonfly to the bow, and tied the ribbon in such a way that it can be easily slid off to see what's inside, and then slid back on again. because something that's happened a couple of times in the last few years is that recipients of my fancier packages have flatly refused to open them until i have promised to "do 'em back up again" before i leave. so i've had to get a bit cleverer during the initial process to make that easier! plus, this way, the boxes are re-usable.

here's liz's:

the dragonfly ornaments were from a craft fair, or possibly christkindlmarkt, last year... or maybe the year before? i bought a bunch of them, and thought i'd given them all away at the time. i don't know why i didn't, but-- long story short-- i found a few "escapees" on the gift shelf in my attic. i had just been drooling over the glitter paper, actually, and when i happened to see them sitting next to the ugly boxes, i had an "AHA!" moment, and suddenly knew how i ought to present the artisan chocolates and bookstore giftcards i was planning to give.

here they are together:

i was under the impression i'd done a step-by-step tutorial of the box-covering process, (maybe for a pixie dust paperie post??) but cannot find it now. i might have to make another early in the new year, and shoot all the steps, because i've actually developed a pretty good system over the years and would LOVE for someone else to learn from my "trial and error"... mostly error... attempts which proceeded it! ♥

*in my defense, there was a REALLY GOOD SALE, and amy shared her coupon, and i used it mostly** to stock up on presents! 

**ok, yeah, and possibly maybe also one or two tiiiiiny and totally necessary things for myself. :) :) :)


  1. Holy carp, those dragonflies are amazing! and shiiiiiny :) Excellent prettifying of the ugly boxes - I have used my imagination for the before, and yep, they were definitely ick. Much better now :)
    I had to laugh too at being told you have to re-do it - I am now used to people handing the ribbon back to me :)

  2. These look sooooooooooooooooo pretty! Love both of them!

  3. Beauties.... and I am so lucky to have one that I can feel and touch! THANKS!!!!

  4. These are beautiful ... but everything you make and wrap are stunning ... Definitely too pretty to undo!

  5. These boxes are so beautiful!!! You are so talented! You are my inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  6. How cute! I love dragonflies. :) I'm chomping at the bit for Jb to start up again! :)


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