Saturday, September 8, 2012

stitching, drawing, lettering... and taxidermy!

ok, thankfully, there isn't actually any taxidermy at all in this post. but the daisy yellow art blog is so very eclectic and inspiring, i think that's about the only medium we haven't tackled at some point during the course of the daily paper prompt experience! for september, tammy's lined up some amazing guest hostesses, thus making the exercise even more interesting and inclusive; i find that i can hardly wait to see what  the next thing will be each day. i've posted these out of order so that my favorite one could be on top... because it's my favorite one! :)

i'd been admiring natasha white's free-form found word poetry and gorgeous backgrounds on her blog, and secretly wanting to try out the idea. it was fun doing the background with my (inexpensive, from michaels) new set of water-soluble wax crayons, and i was shocked and delighted to find this little "article" about poppies in a children's book i chose purely for its font, but the result was frankly nothing to write home about, so i set it aside until the next day. then i decided to add a few machine stitched outlines... and suddenly the thing just sort of took off. I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!

the brief was to incorporate a wordsearch, sudoku, or other puzzle into a page somehow; as i was pondering the patina-ed beauty of this one from a cool vintage book of dutch crosswords i found at a book sale earlier this year, it occurred to me how similar the grids for puzzles and needlework are, so i did a little cross stitch on it. the end. :) 

as you can see, i've loaded two pics for this one, just in case you cannot quiiiiiiite tell from my gorgeous drawing what my ten tiny things are, lol! actually, i am rather proud of this, because despite my total inability to make ANYTHING look 3-D (i just CANNOT shade to save my life!) i *think* pretty much everything except the pencil eraser is vaguely recognizable... which, for a non-drawing-type like myself is a BIG honkin' ACHIEVEMENT!!!

in grade school and high school the inside and outside of all my notebooks were full of things like this. come to think of it, i guess we were ALL "art journalers" a bit in school, weren't we?! funny that it's taken some of us thirty years to get back into the habit, eh? (never too late, though!)

tomorrow i am VERY excited indeed to be guest designer at a certain lovely sketch challenge blog, so i hope you'll stop back and hear all about that, and see a card of which i'm rather proud! ♥


  1. These are fabulous and fun ... you really draw so well!!

  2. Fabulous is RIGHT! You always have so many inspiring and creative posts. I love stopping by!

  3. Love your creations! The poppy one is my favorite! Yes, the sewing was the perfect added the look of this!

  4. haha...just as I'm thinking


    I scroll down...whew.

    love all your fun page prompts...the poppy one super duper rocks.

  5. such wonderful creations. I adore those gorgeous poppies.

    Hugs Sue

  6. Love these! Poppies are beautiful flowers. I really like your artistic tribute to them.

  7. I think you need to take back the can not shade comment because we totally did not need to see the first picture to know what the second picture was about except to drool over how awesomely you were able to draw those items. So glad I wasn't going to have to do that challenge. Then you would really know what bad drawing was about. Thank goodness for stamps is all I can say. And I love your poppies and that water colored background is fabulous!

  8. Outstanding, and the stitching just blew me away!!!!!

  9. Just look at all these wonderful creations.. LOVE THEM. I can't draw worth a darn either. But I try.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  10. How clever of you to put together crosswords (puzzle) and cross stitch. You see things others do not take the time to see. I love the 10 tiny things you sketched. . . spot on. Blessings, Janet PPF

  11. you DREW those 10 items? wowza. you are way better than you tell us you are. mine would have looked like a 5 yo drew them, or maybe not even that good.

  12. Okay the poppies are amazing!! Amazing!! Love that card. Also check you out and the small drawings!! Miss I can't draw... really I can't draw.... Yes you can!!! :) Love it!!


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