Sunday, September 2, 2012

...come see me!

i have the very great honor of being today's guest hostess for the daily paper prompt at the daisy yellow art blog! i hope you will come see* the full-sized page i made, and read about the prompt i've set for the day!

speaking of the continuing daily paper prompts, yesterday's was a corker, thanks to tammy's great idea of randomly stitching leftover strips and off-cuts of paper together:

ok, yeah, i may have got a little carried away, but in my defense, my scrap box is quite full, and also has things like bits of transparency and fabric and lace paper in it; and as my grid grew i needed to stabilize it a bit before taking it to the machine, so i used a few strips of clear deco tape just to hold everything together, and... well... it just sort of grew and grew! :)

but my favorite part is the fact that without even paying attention or trying to make the BACK look interesting, this just sort of happened, all by itself:

gotta love serendipity, eh?!

happy sunday, darlings!

*you could make something, as well, if you feel like it...  afterall, it's a brand new month... i'm just sayin'...


  1. Dang, woman, you can even make SCRAPS look good. :)

  2. Hello you. Is the @llaurenb on Twitter you or not. I can't decide. Please advise as my confusion deepens.

  3. my goodness dear, you have been soooo busy!!! loving that pointe shoe card (especially intrigued as both my girls start en pointe in ballet this year and are super excited)...and that pinwheel project is sooo much fun! loving the colours you chose on the most recent projects with the circles too...and the upside down writing is soo, I could go on all day!!!!!

  4. okay missy- you seriously are AMAZING! I love your creations- and each time I stop by your blog I am just so blown away by your talent!

  5. That's awesome!! I love the back and the fact that it just happened to end up like that is so cool.

  6. Congrats on guest hosting the DPP. Collage is fun! I haven't done much of it with paper, but when I wet felt, it is my fave technique.

    Your strips of paper sewn together are awesome. I have a few more prompts to finish for August, then I need to decide if I will continue through September.

    Again, congrats on hosting & for an excellent DP prompt!

  7. ^_^ Awesome DPPs! Really loved your prompt :D

  8. Congrats on being hostess. Love you pages, especially that first one. So cool!


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