Wednesday, September 12, 2012

it's a post-modern, cubist representation of ELO's "mr. blue sky"... obviously...

i mention that in case the first of my latest round of daily paper prompt journal pages, inspired by the daisy yellow art blog, was somehow obscure to you? nahhhhhh, surely not! :)

for this prompt the very cool and very talented marit invited us to make a page inspired by a favorite song or artist. for some reason the first thing that popped into my head was an oldie but goodie (i'm not sure i'd call it a fave, though i do quite like it!) "mr. blue sky" by electric light orchestra. i had planned to make a more traditional sunburst, but at some point it turned into a layering of all right-angled shapes; i had also planned to put the lyrics (or at least the chorus) on here somewhere... but in the end this piece sort of just declared itself *DONE* and refused my efforts to add anything else, so i stopped. :)

in a reverse of the above, for this prompt, which was meant to be incredibly simple, i just could not stop playing around! i painted my lines on the off-cuts of watercolor paper i save to do brush and paint-color testing. i painted fat ones and thin ones, curvy ones and straight ones, dark ones and light ones; i practiced mixing different shades; then at the end i took all my strips, cut them into squares and/or triangles, and made a mosiac. why? i have NO IDEA... but it was fun and weirdly soothing!

this was a fun one! just a straight up collage, where each "character" has something (weird and laureny!) to say. 

ok, yeah, i totally cheated. i did actually take some silhoutte "still life" photos of the shadows cast by various objects and ornaments in my home, and i'd planned to use one even though none of them were (to me) particularly interesting. but then, while i was looking for the hibiscus photo below, i found this picture (which i LOVE) snapped last october on waikiki beach at sunset, and it was practically a silhouette anyway, so i converted it to black and white, played around with it in PSE, printed it, and called it done.

i'm pretty sure i've only written one other haiku in my entire life and that was in the third grade. i was stumped for the entire day, and had begun to try to think of "another way to go" on this prompt, when, right before bedtime, this whole entire thing popped into my head fully formed (including the stamping on the photo and the bamboo mat) so i just ran with it!

speaking of running, i have to, right now! ciao darlings! ♥♥♥


  1. Whoa, where to begin? Right now I have the Amanda Palmer "In My Mind" song on continuous loop, but I totally approve of your ELO selection for #38. Love love love the layered sky parts.

    For #39 I have to tell you my vertigo kicked in a bit. Way to over-think! HA! It looks woven - nice!

    #40 - yes, 1000% lauren-y! love them!

    #41 - perfect solution. I probably would have stamped a black tree onto patterned paper and called it done, but yours is waaay more classy.

    #42 - um, YES! Right before bed is when all the good ideas surface, which is why I cannot ever fall asleep. It's a curse, but YOURS turned out GREAT!

    What is it with haikus from our youth (yute)? Here's mine:

    When the sun passes
    Look among the garden weeds
    For asparagras (es)

    Okay, I'm gone.

  2. Wow! These are fab! All so different and all go so well with the prompts/challenge! Your watercolor lines are sooooooooooooooo stiking! Just so beautiful to look at!

  3. Love these Lauren! The dreamy one is my favorite :-)

  4. You are so talented.. I am in LOVE with all of these.. You had me smiling through you whole post my friend.


  5. I LOVE #39

    and #40 is interesting :)

  6. I can't even decide which one I like the most although the college made me laugh (whose dream is this anyway? may be my new catch phrase) and the line blocks are frame-worthy.

  7. YOu are rocking these prompts so hard. Like a baller. :) haha I love the hibiscus one. They are all very cool.


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