Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"oh snap" card

if you read the pixie blog (and i hope you do!) you'll know that each designer writes her own posts, something i enjoy doing very much when it's my turn. we do 'em in advance, and then our dear pixie-in-chief kirsty comes along and schedules them, etc. this month, she has just happened to have saved my FAVORITE project for last, woohoo!

yep, it's this month's "guy card" which i made with our february kit, YOU MAKE LIFE FUN, and miiiiiiiiiight actually be my all-time favorite masculine design i have ever made. i am particularly proud to say that the recipient, my friend juan (who is an AMAZING photographer, which is what inspired the idea!) sent me a specific and separate email just to say how much he liked it, which is verrrrrrrrrrrry cool indeed! more details-- and a nice close-up photo-- over at pdp! ♥♥♥


  1. Faaaan-frickin'-tastic!! I looove this!

  2. loving this whole card and you get that masculine feel down pat! so awesome, i am envious of your perfect man card...and the background words are a really nice touch!

  3. ooh I loves... I need a typewriter. argh............


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