Wednesday, February 15, 2012

speaking of collage...

...ok, granted, we were only SORT OF "speaking of collage"... and that was last week, when i posted my entry for february's greenpaper challenge... but having a monthly reason to sit down and make a free-form collage has renewed my interest in the whole genre, and made me realize i've never blogged my favorite links. so, if i may, i will now! thus, here are some collage blogs i love, interspersed with a few older collages i have made-- since all blog posts NEED photos-- it is written!!!

not paper
probably my favorite all-time blog in this category, because they showcase a different artist every time and they ask the questions i would ask... as well as showing lovely photos of the work!

probably my favorite single artist's blog. i would like to move into one of her collages and live there. i wish she posted more often, but that's just me bein' greedy!

this 12x12" piece (blogged here) was inspired by one of my favorite artist quotes

nostalgic collage
cool, fun, interesting, inspiring, lots of content... everything, in fact, you'd like a collage blog to be!

orly avineri's blog
an amazing multi-media artist, who can seemingly work in any style with any materials. unbelievably cool.

this 5x24" piece (blogged here) is hanging in my friend paul's office-- the greatest honor it could possibly receive!!! 

an amazing minimalist collage/mixed media/journal who only posts sporadically, and sadly may have now stopped altogether... but her archive will keep you going for a bit!

i don't think she has a blog, which is saddens me; on the other hand, i kind of just want her to make art 24/7, and not be distracted by things like t'internet!!! (not that i'm selfish, or anything!)

chinese, japanese and hindi text turn up a lot because i find them so very beautiful to look at (blogged here)

not technically a collage blog, but he features many really wonderful artists, and arguably the "10 shining examples" posts are a sort of collage in blogging form?!  (ok, mebbe not, i just wanted to link to this, k?!)

is technically not a BLOG... there is no "continuing" or personal content, but you can see some of her amazing work and find out if she'll be having a show anywhere you could get to, in which case GO b/c these things are huuuuuuuuuuuge and textural and (like almost all non-digital art) so much better in person!!!

"from the heart of bollywood" (blogged here) was made specifically for someone... before i found i couldn't quiiiiite give it away

greg miller
another artist's website; and coincidentally, an artist i discovered a few weeks ago during a fun NYC day when miss kirsty was in town!* i love the way he incorporates iconic images, comic book style, fonts, and... well... sort of EVERYTHING... and yet his works are bold and cohesive.

sarah bridgland
again, this is her artist's website, and not her blog (tho she has one and it's cool) but if you only click one thing you have to see her work! if you don't GASP outloud when you see her amazing 3-D creations, you may be in some sort of mild coma--seek help immediately!!!  :)

*remember on feb 1st how it was suddenly like 60 degrees and sunny in the northeast? well, that just so happened to be the day that miss kirsty was in town and we were lucky enough to spend most of our time wandering aimlessly around soho, looking at artsy and crafty stuff, exclaiming over the divine weather! we went--amongst other places--to kate's paperie, purl soho, and the campton gallery. the latter whilst we were looking for a noodle place which seems to have closed. as it turns out, having had the astonishing special restaurant week prix fixe lunch at kittichai instead, we ended the day saying, "noodles, schmoodles"!!!  ♥♥♥


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