Wednesday, February 1, 2012

welcome to ye olde dolle ponchoe factorye

this is what i did on the plane to and from hawaii, on various buses whilst in hawaii, and during the car trips we took around christmas. yep, i'm a travel knitter:

three american girl doll ponchos, for the nieces. they were intended to be xmas presents, and then my sister had a last-minute brainwave of an idea, which was hawaii-related, so i went with that instead and saved these. (there's a yarn-based project for matthew, as well, which i'll show when i've photo-ed it!)

i think they came out well, although i confess i'd feel even better if i had an 18-inch doll on which to try them out! but really, it's too late anyway, because they are DONE... and whether they're too big, too small, or just right... i plan to bestow them at miss riley's birthday party on valentine's day.

the fine print for knitters: i used this very cute and easy-to-follow pattern from this cool etsy shop. i used lion brand's "kool wool" (which i think is discontinued?) b/c i happen to have enough of it on hand, with "fun fur" by the same company, for the same reason... although i ran out of the fun fur ***45*** stitches from the end of the last poncho, AFTER i had begun to cast off so i had to drive to michaels and buy a second skein which really frosted my flakes, i can tell you!!! (arrgh!!!)  :) 


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