Thursday, February 2, 2012

i spent an embarrassingly long time on this...

...and right before christmas, too, when time is at a premium. for that matter, there was NO EARTHLY REASON to do so, since it's just a little 4x6" book to hold nephew matthew's growing postcard collection. nevertheless, i spent quite a while playing with various brushes and fonts and digi-stuffs, until i had quite a well composed and sophisticated collage... which i then printed on staples' plain white inkjet index stock and glued to a $1 blue plastic photo album from kmart. and then, after all that, i forgot to even show it! :)

 (digital collage ingredients--nearly all with my own added drop shadows: city maps #1, viewmaster slide reels #1,collageables elements #1 and #4, ad challenge tabbed journaler all by katie pertiet, designer digials; frame from "boys urban world " kit by digichick; brushes from (oop)"french kiss" kit by anna aspnes, o'scraps; font: mom's typewriter) 

the weird thing is, despite all of the above, i not only like how this turned out, i had a lot of fun making it. bottom line, no matter what the materials, real or cyber, i love the whole process and mechanics of collage... which is reason enough to do ANYTHING, right?! ♥


  1. Love it ... and I suspect he will too ...

  2. This turned out so cute! I love it. What a great hybrid project. :)

  3. awesome!!
    where does he collect postcards from?

    on our honeymoon across the us and canada we sent postcards form each state and providence to a friends daughter that collects them :)


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