Saturday, February 11, 2012

"before you find your handsome prince... have to kiss a lot of frogs!" or so they say; this little guy is sooooooooo very regal, i don't think he has a lot of problems in that area, do you?! :)

believe it or not, i found him on the cover of a "rewards" catalog which came in the mail for one of LHJ's credit cards; and it just so happened that the very next day pixie-in-chief kirsty vittetoe told me that our february pixie dust challenge theme would be "FAIRY TALES"... needless to say, that catalog was coverless before nightfall, lol!

everything else you see here is a leftover from one pixie kit or another: the chipboard bits and ruffly ribbon are from LOVE NOTES, the fairies are from last year's SPRINGTIME PIXIE, the fancy cardstock frame (from CHRISTMAS IN PARIS) has an image in the center that i wasn't actually in love with, which leads me to my "top tip" for product usage: never be afraid to alter, cover-up, distress, paint, mist, re-purpose, or in anyway change the items that come in a kit... (or anywhere else!) better suit your needs, your color scheme or your style! creativity is kind of the POINT on these occasions, right?! so forget about what the manufacturer THINKS their product is for... use it the way YOU WANT!!!

and now, something i *know* you will want is to go and see what our uber-talented challenge design team have done with the "FAIRY TALES" theme, and to discover how you can link up your own project for a shot at a fabulous prize. so off you go to the pixie blog, darlings!!! ♥


  1. This is just fabulous!!! Wish I'd thought of it ... You are just soooo clever ...

  2. OMGOSH!!!! I am absolutely completely in LOVE with this card. I want it. Save it till October and send it to me. I NEED it. Its one of my top favs of yours now. Its so cool. It has so much fantasy to it. Amazing. AH!!! Hope you are having a good weekend. Hey when is your birthday exactly anyways. I'm totally a horrible blog buddy who forgot and I don't want to miss out on sending you a card. You can email me if you don't want to just leave a comment.

  3. It doesn't get better than this! Ohhhhh sooooooooo FANTABULOUS!!!

  4. Oh my gosh you are sooo funny! Your froggy is more manly than mine! lol Mine is like; "hello excuse me maam, may I have a kiss?" And yours is all "What's up @#!@$%* go make me a sandwich!" Truly though your project is awesome. ;) xoxo

  5. I love it, so full of Eventyr ( yes a norwegian word ) Beautiful colors and I love the sweet frog.


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