Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a photo geography quiz!

what state has:

...a profusion of palms...

...heavenly hibiscus...

...serious surfers...

...and MANY happy tourists...

including-- (for the last few days) --this one:

if you guessed *HAWAII* darlings you are absolutely correct!!!!! :)

some of you may know that lovely husband jeff does a fair amount of travelling for work, mostly in the mid-atlantic region, on trips in which he sees little more than his plant, a hotel room and the interstate; but every once in a while he gets to go somewhere AMAZING... and this was one of those times! it came together at the last minute and for a while looked like it was going to fall apart just as suddenly, which is why i kept mum on the subject until we were actually HERE! at the moment i'm exploring waikiki and honolulu on my own; by the end of this week LHJ should be at liberty and then the SERIOUS TOURISM will commence!

i have some pixie dust and jingle belles projects pre-scheduled and i'll be popping in with updates from the road... just in case there are a few of you who aren't quiiiiiiiiite jealous enough yet! in the meantime:

ALOHA, DARLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. aCK!!!! I'm so happy for you!! Wow! Thats great. How much fun right when its getting a bit cooler where you live. :) Though I secretly and totally wish that it was FL instead, but you know I'm selfish like that. hehe Have fun girlie. I went to Hawaii when I was young with my parents.I loved it. Don't forget your SPF! J:)

  2. Totally jealous over here. :-) Have a great time!

  3. ohhhh I'm jealous!!! Have a FAB time!!!! ALOHA!!!

  4. Aloha baby! Love that you get to play soemwhere tropical with your boy on the company's dime.

  5. how exciting! I just can't imagine it!

  6. FABulous...have a super time!!!!

  7. Bring back those fabulous Aloha shots!!!! Have lots of fun and come home speaking Japanese!!!

  8. So glad you're having an awesome time ... enjoy every single moment.

  9. ALOHA!!! Wow wish I was there. I'm sooo jealous. I've always wanted to visit Hawaii. Gorgeous photos. Have loads of fun!!!

  10. I guessed! I guessed! Please take me with you! Then snow is coming! Please!
    OK, then, have a great time.:(

  11. Oh you lucky lucky girl!! ... I'm so jealous ....


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