Monday, October 17, 2011

a fair pair of square (cards)

if you stop by the pixie blog today you can see my latest pixie dust paperie project...

...or should i say projects, since it's actually TWO cards? i made them using this month's kit, BLUE MOON, which i had as much fun working with as i did assembling all the bits and bobs! of course the VERY BEST part of being a "kit designer" is seeing what other people will make using it, and in this respect my fellow pixies DO NOT disappoint!!! yet another reason to hop over there, eh??!?! ♥


  1. to check them out!

  2. Perfection! LOVE that stitching!!!

  3. The minute I saw these I loved them! Such nice little detail to come up with such beaty!
    And the entire did one fantastic job putting it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lovely, Lauren! Congrats on designing the Pixie kit :)


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