Thursday, October 13, 2011

butterfly masquerade... redux!

this month, while making my projects to celebrate the pixie dust paperie's one year anniversary, i decided it would be fun to look back at everything i've made with my kits this year and pick half a dozen or so to "re-make" in honor of this milestone! today's project recreates the butterfly mask i made for july's pixie group project, but in a completely different way, since this time i am using the BLUE MOON kit.

i honestly don't know which one i like better... but i can definitely say i'll be making EVEN MORE of these because they are just soooooooooooo much fun! hop over to the PDP blog to see more photos, etc! ♥


  1. Lauren, this is magnificent! The papers are just perfect for this and I love your stitching. and the bling!!!!!!!!

  2. simply gorgeous...not much more to say about that!

  3. that's pretty freakin' amazing.

  4. Ooh this is so pretty too. I think I like this better than the first. Very cool. You really rock that blue moon!


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