Friday, March 4, 2011

JB10: home for the holidays

this week's christmas card prompt was sent in by one of our favorite lovely fellow JINGLE BELLES...miss rose of rose's happy place! she was inspired by the song, "(there's no place like) home for the holidays" and had the brilliant idea that we should make cards that capture whatever that song might mean to each of us, whether it be memories, traditions, or even a particular LANDSCAPE! how cool is that?!

my card is both literal--in that there's actually a picture of a HOME on it--and metaphorical, since it captures one of my favorite childhood memories, the annual christmas eve reading by my dad of clement c. moore's holiday poem, "the night before christmas". it may sound goofy, but i THINK it's the one thing my family did every single year without fail, and i'm pretty sure we did it right up until the year i moved away from home! the tradition continues, too, in the next generation; as my brother and sister both read it each year with their own children now! ♥

(vintage book illustrations; patterned paper: basic grey (with the words to "night before xmas" printed in "diploma" font); cardstock: core'dinations; stickers: making memories & recollections; bling & pearls: kaiser, recollections, k&co; glitter glue: stickles; inks: colorbox; adhesives: 3m foam tape, tombow monorunner, sewing machine)

these days, at booksales, i am always on the lookout for cool copies of the poem; the nice ones i collect as books (i probably have 7 or 8 different editions); the damaged ones i use in my cards and collages. this particular illustration was the frontispiece from a very beautiful and sadly completely ruined edition. i've used most of the other undamaged illustrations from that copy, but this one i'd been saving it for just the right thing, and finally (thanks to rose!) i knew this was it!

the only problem is: since it uses vintage bits, i could obviously only make ONE of these cards...and i have TWO siblings with whom i share this memory. it may very well take me the rest of the year to decide who gets it! just as well we've started early at JINGLE BELLES, eh?! :)


  1. Как красиво, ярко, празднично!!! Сразу переносишься в детство! Мне очень нравится Ваша открытка!!!

  2. Oh my goodness your card is just GORGEOUS!! I grew up in New England and the scene on your card reminds me of things that surrounded me growing up! Such a fantastic use for the book you found.

    It's also very cool that you grew up reading that story with your dad...I did too :) Now with my 3 kids we pull out that book every Christmas Eve and read it. They love the tradition, as do I! We also read The Polar Express afterwards, and then we go into the yard and spread oats and colored sugar in the yard for Santas reindeer!

  3. Great card ... great challenge ... (not sure what comes to mind tho ... ) hmmm...

  4. Holy crud this card is great. I love it!! It totally fits the challenge so well. I mean at first I was thinking.. hmm Lauren has Jersey.. okay.. I'm waiting to see some Soprano's looking card. hehe Is that wrong? heh.. I kid, I kid. But seriously though Jersey's not my fav state, but your card is my fav!! I think thats such a lovely card I don't think I'd be able to ever part with it if it was mine. I'm totally going to be on the look out for Night before Christmas vintage books now, forever and ever for ya. :)

    (ps. I'd only ever live in Jersey if I could live near you so we could be crafty fools and go thriftin together all the time! I'd also need one of those fake sunlight lamp things to sit in front of all winter. lol)

  5. You are sooo amazing..I love what you've done!

  6. This is soooooo FABULOUS! It just feels so cozy!! LOOOOOOVE it!!

  7. now that is one touching memory!! *sniff sniff*

    ♥♥love♥♥ how you used an image from the book!!! oh my you just might start a huge fight if you send it to one or the other! glad it is you and not me :) lol

    thanks for having me this week on JB's :)

  8. I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE this card, Lauren!!! Makes me wish we had snow... oh, wait, we gots lots of it! But it's sure not as pretty as the snow in this card!!!
    I have a Stylish Bollger award waiting for you on my blog!:):):):):)

  9. fabulous card, lauren! love love love it! what a beautiful wintery scene! so cozy and full of warmth. thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend! *hugs* steph :)

  10. Very beautiful winter scene there, love it!


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