Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it's a "party cone" party!

this month's pixie kit came with not one but two pretty white embossed paper cones for us to decorate, embellish, and fill with candy or little presents. would you believe i managed to mess up *BOTH* of mine??! yep. i was a bit miffed, actually. but then it occurred to me that they were only cut, scored and folded paper...and hey...that's what i do! :)

so i decided to use one of my sadly failed experiments as a template, flattened & traced it carefully onto a piece of the pink paislee "sweetness" paper from the kit, and made version THREE:

if you're going to try something similar, i would suggest doubling the paper or xyronning it onto a bit of plain index stock, for extra added strength, but other than that, this one came out really well! i love how the flowery pattern of the paper travels around the cone, giving each side its own decorative elements.

i wanted to add a bit of extra interest to the front, so i die-cut a two-layered butterfly and a heart and embellished them with ink, rub-ons, and a bit of our signature crinkled pixie dust seam binding from the kit.

i used more seam binding to make a tie-closure and hanger, as well as a pretty flower that i adorned with a tiny tim holtz bauble. which is sweeter: the candy or the holder? i think it might be a tie! :)

...but... the sweetest thing of all is that our entire crew of pixies made party cones this month...and you can see them all today on the pixie blog!!! can i get a "♥WOOHOO♥"?! ta very much!


  1. Hooray for version three! This is GORGEOUS, but with Kirsty's good taste (that florabunda kit has me drooling) and your creative genius, this is a recipe for success :)

    This is really beautiful!!!

  2. gorgeous...love what you've done with that sweetness line...that butterfly is fantabulous!

  3. This is gorgeous! And thanks for the tips!! :)


  5. WOOHOO!!! amazing job Miss Lauren truly gorgeous

  6. Hey... a hugh ♥WOOHOO♥ from me!!! It may have been a chore, but what you ended up with is AMAZING! I LOVE that butterfly... LOVE the heart! I think I need to buy more dies....? Great work as always, Lauren!
    Have a Happy Day!

  7. I would bet my *life* that this version of the cone beats the other two you screwed up! Holy bee-utiful awesomeness! I wouldn't even bother opening the cone to get to what's inside, it's just too pretty! However, I am a nerd like that... I think the packaging IS the present!
    And, uh, my birthday is coming up, so you could send this to me! I'm just sayin'... ;)

  8. What a beautiful piece of art Lauren. Love your engineering work and how the pattern flows around the box. But my totally favorite is the double butterflie <3 <3

  9. Ooooooh. This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your experience with us too. It's great to "hear" that I am somewhat normal. (or at least that you sometimes have mishaps too)


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