Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's a *SPRING* ing list!

featuring a few of the things i am enjoying right now:

reading: the thousand autumns of jacob de zoet by david mitchell. this is a reading group selection that i confess i was not entirely sure i'd love, but it's so involving and so very well written that i was won over completely by page three!!!

watching: (or rather, re-watching, and i suspect not for the last time, either!) anthony minghella's brilliant adaptation of the no. 1 ladies detective agency for hbo. (and regretting more than ever the loss of such a cool guy at such a young age!)

learning: A LOT of fabulously inky new stuff last weekend from jen starr's "altered journey" class at my (semi) lss, creative inkling. got to play with loads of cool tim holtz goodies, as well! i'll do a whole post about this later, b/c i am VERY proud of my little book!!! (hey mari: i know TECHNIQUES!!!)

marvelling: daily over pricey-but-WORTH-IT bliss softening socks, which really REALLY do work brilliantly even without lotion or cream on the very dry, cracked, stubbon skin of my feets.

making: lots of projects with april's upcoming pixie dust paperie kit including an uber-cute "school days" mini book for niece madeline, of which i cannot show more than this yet! (& it's KILLIN' me!!!!!!!) eating: too many of these...but they are delicious and possibly the chocolatiest (yes that is SO a word!) thing you can have for 100 calories? (note: the "nutter butter" flavor... which i thought, as a big p/b fan, might even be better ... sadly... should be avoided at all costs!)

listening: to the sherlockian by graham moore on audiobook. i *LOVE* audiobooks...somehow i never ever outgrew the idea of being read to...plus it more than doubles the number of books i can "read" at any one time! :)

planning: not one but two VERY last-minute trips, to florida (this friday) and california (mid-april)... both are short-notice and long stories, but in excellent, happy ways! so please forgive me if i am even worse than usual in terms of email & comments!

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, darlings!!!


  1. Thanks for the peek into 'Lauren's world'! Jo x

  2. such a fun sneaky peek into your happening world Lauren!

  3. From the sneak peek (which, btw, *was* a SNEAKY peek) you rocked it! I want to see MORE! Like, PRONTO! :D

  4. Wow you are a busy lady ... I used to watch that programme about the detective agency here too ... my great Uncle played Sherlock Holmes for many years in films ... your book looks fabulous as do your Maddie things both of which I am looking forward to seeing ...
    Oh and I hope you have a fantastic time in both places I've never been to ... Those socks ... boy I could do with them ... wonder if they are available over here? phew ... think that's it!

  5. Lots of goodness in this post!

    Ditto on the #1 Detective book & movie, thanks for the tip on those socks, yummy projects, and have safe trips!!!

  6. Oh wow, all sound interesting, but I am going to go for those pretty socks first!

  7. I was reading everything, enjoying all the wonderful stuff you've been making, reading, eating...then SAY WHAT?!?! YOU'RE COMING TO CALIFORNIA?!?!?!?! What part?!!? Please, please, please, pleeeeeaaase say the Bay Area!!!!! ♥♥♥ :))

  8. what a fun post :)! i think i need to get me some of those bliss socks :). fab sneak peaks to your projects...and those oreo delight bars sound delish!!! *hugs* steph :)

  9. such a busy girl you are :)
    can't wait to see your altered journal and the new goodies you create with your pixie kit :)

    think i will check out those socks for me and mom :)

  10. Lovin' all the Lauren happenings.


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