Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...but a week at home is nice too...

(stef gave me this awesome vintage florida pc folder last fall!)

...although slightly anti-climactic if you had, say, just spent a quite a bit of time and energy packing, cleaning, working ahead, making a zillion arrangements, making a travel book, downloading some special sunshiney playlists, and just generally being very excited about a fun trip to florida!

unfortunately, sometimes "STUFF" happens and in this case the "STUFF" came copiously to lovely husband jeff in the form of the worst stomach flu ever. thankfully it hit him 12 hours before our departure and not actually ON THE PLANE. in fact, i am so grateful for that one amazing bit of luck that i have tried... (& mostly succeeded) (ok, i did say, "MOSTLY!") ...not to whine about this disappointing development. the only thing that sort of inconsolably upset me is that gina and i had REALLY BIG PLANS for last saturday!!!!! and whilst i can philosophically shrug off a week of sunshine, warmth, palm trees, fabulous food, and lazy days by the hotel pool...missing out on that was (and is!) a serious blow to my insouciance. (next time, missus! next time!!!)

nevertheless, i am trying to use this "found time" constructively: i'm working on NEXT MONTH's pixie kit, which soooooo rocks; i had a shaun the sheep marathon over the weekend; i got a FABULOUS new photoshop/digidesign manual (digital expressions by susan tuttle) which has already taught me more about using PSE the way i want to use it than all my previous books and tutorials combined (seriously!!! i am NOT a written instructions person...and yet...i "get" this!); i treated myself to a tiny (largely holtzian) shopping spree at my (semi)-lss (hi, bonnie!); plus, it turns out those sunshiney playlists work pretty well at the gym, too.

(see those ring binder thingies? yeah...i've got biiiiiig plans for those...)

the best news is that a still slightly shaky (& suddenly quite svelte!) LHJ is finally eating "REAL" food and sleeping through the night!!! which is really ALL that matters!

(i was goin' for a "citrus" theme with all the orange & yellow...sigh...)

and the travel book? well, i can always convert it for use on my california trip in april, right?


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  1. Hi Lauren, you are good creating these travel books ahead of your travel.. I wish I could do the same.. My trips still stays in a big envelope :-)
    Lots of nice goodies there ;-)
    Hugs to you and Jeff <3

  2. I am glad lhj is feeling better. I thought you were gone and had auto-posted the previous blog posts. I am very happy that you are being productive and treating yourself to some Tim goodness :)

    I rarely buy new stash (I have plenty here, right?) Sometimes it is nice to breathe a little life into your supplies. I started with the "Summer in Paris" cricut cartridge, then some new papers at, a few new goodies in Utah (I've used some of all of it already = guilt-free), and just had a huge sale AND free shipping this week.

    Your citrus book makes me feel warm and happy. I am so sad you did not get to see Gina, but I am glad you have the opportunity to use it for your CA trip next month.

    Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog! You always make me smile :)

  3. While I commend you for donning those rose-colored glasses, I have to say that this SUCKS for you. I am so sorry that you not only have to miss your warm weather trip, but have to deal with a sick hubby (sweet though he may be, he's still sick. nothing personal against him) AND wonder whether or not you are going to catch it. YOU POOR THING. Your retail therapy was well deserved.

    Very cool book by the way. AND now you are ahead of the game for CA.

    P.S. I am a card carrying member of the Rose Colored Glasses Society too.

  4. Oops. Forgot to wish dear Jeff a speedy recovery.

  5. Soooo sorry your plans all fell through... hope hubby Jeff will be up and about real soon.

  6. Oh what a shame that you guys missed out on the trip ... but glad your Hubby is feeling better ... That book sounds good for PSE ... everything I do on my computer is self taught (well maybe a bit of help at first from my son) ... but unless you are a crafter ... no one understand what you want to do and I'm not a 'manual reader' either so it gets very frustrating ... I may take a look at that book ... Thanks ... Have a great day Miss L.

  7. ugh...the flu is bad but the stomach variety is THEE worst...glad the LHJ is feeling better...

    LOVE the citrus theme!


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