Monday, March 21, 2011

cats and dogs get ALL the attention...

..but mice* are funny, too:

and it's hard to beat hamsters for sheer enthusiasm!

we felt slightly bad about laughing at repeated viewings of this...but a quick youtube search revealed dozens of such videos, most of which show one or more adorable dwarf hamsters running at turbo speed, flying quite spectacularly off the wheel and then getting back on as quickly as their tiny legs can manage it to do it again...and AGAIN! since, clearly, there is no injury or indeed embarrassment on the part of our small rodental friends, i say we allot a small portion of this rainy monday to wholehearted hamster-hijinks laughter...does that work for you?! :)

*when LHJ saw the mouse photo he asked me a question, in tones of purest puzzlement: "what do you think they were really doing, though?" excellent point, honey. what DO we think they were really doing??!


  1. LOL...thanks for the monday chuckle:)

  2. In case you haven't see one of the ORIGINAL FUN THINGS to do on these interwebz:

  3. Thanks so much for the smiles...what a perfect way to start a Monday!

  4. Thanks for the laugh, Lauren! (I hope there wasn't anyone around listening!)
    Have a Happy Day!

  5. I actually laughed out loud at that hamster one! Even though you warned me and everything, I did I laughed out loud. I know bc the big black dog has just looked at me strangely.

    Plus the mice? My vote is they are throwing down some funky shapes and getting the groove thang on. And having used up my complete vocab of 'cool young people' things to say I shall depart.

    (Thanks for the giggle Missus)

  6. Cute! The top pic are hamsters too. just fyi lol. I am a total nerd and will inform you of that. haha Its my pet background I can't help it. Can't wait till Saturday!!!

  7. This made me laugh out loud :). Such a fun way to start the week. The video is hilarious!

  8. It's soo funny!!!
    Thanks for your sweet comments Lauren!
    Hugs form Lívia.

  9. : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

  10. Whether it be the comments you leave ... the creations you share or the videos and mad hamsters/ mice/ cats ... you never fail to make me smile ... Thanks again Lauren you are brilliant!

  11. I'm one sick puppy as I watched that little guy spin off his wheel twice! Must go wipe the tears from my eyes, THANK YOU, Jo x


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