Monday, September 13, 2010

this blogpost contains 535 calories and 21 grams of fat*

no, seriously. see?!

well hello, missus yum!

ok, technically, it has zero calories and zero fat; plus it's high in fiber! yep, it's made entirely of paper, with a little bit of chipboard and a soupcon of ribbon. before you ask, i cannot take *ANY* credit for the design... (which is 100% lifted from this amazing fabulously artsy video tutorial by the stamp goddess!) ...or even for *finding* the design, which was sent to me by my darling stef. but i know a good thing when i see it, and i wanted to make one of these the second it saw it, BEFORE i even knew...

decapitation never looked so good

...YES!!! it's a giftcard holder, too!!! see, the upper portion of the "cake", under all those luscious layers of "icing"... (made from ribbon, paper flowers, and cardstock that was crumpled and shaped while wet) a styrofoam ball which has been cut in half and then re-attached leaving a slot in the center, for the giftcard to slide inside!

i'm gonna need a cupcake with my coffee, please

the card is held with a small notebook clip, the top of which is cleverly disguised by a painted and glittered bead and a frothy layer of whipped cream--actually a piece of textured cardstock that's been wet, scrunched to fit, and hot-glued around the clip after it was dry.

low on glucose...but not on glue!

i know what you're thinking, you're thinking, "hey lauren! this looks complicated--was it hard to make?!" surprisingly, the answer is "NO!" the fabulously artsy tutorial is excellent, and extremely clear! (those of you who know me, will realize that if *I*--famously "instructions challenged"--am saying this, it MUST BE true!) frankly, the fact that it's a VIDEO tutorial makes all the difference; because you are watching her make one, step-by-step; and so you know going in that she used things you already have...and techniques you can already do!

deliciousness target acquired...bullseye!

ok, there are a couple of "fiddly bits": i had trouble spacing the accordian folds when attaching the cupcake "wrapper" to its chipboard base... (you can see it's slightly wonky, but i know exactly what i'll do differently next time!) ...otherwise it was quite clear cut and apart from the styrofoam ball & notebook clip i did not even have to BUY anything to make this!!!

thank you, stamp goddess, for sharing your creativity in such a practical and clear-cut (not to mention fun!) way; and thank you miss stephanie for sharing your amazing link love with me!!! ♥♥♥

*and yes, i know, you want a REAL CUPCAKE now, and it's all my fault! i do apologize, honestly, but it had to be done, dontcha think?! ♥

(~materials~ 3" styrofoam ball & most of a roll of 1/4" ribbon from michaels; 6" square of chipboard or recycled cardboard (it won't show!); 9 med. sized bazzill paper flowers; 1/2 sheet american crafts patterned paper; 1/4 sheet core'dinations card stock; 1/8 sheet specialty white textured cardstock (but you could use the regular textured kind); 3/4" wooden bead; red acryllic paint; red & clear glitter; small notebook clip; large my mind's eye pearl brad; 4-5 sticks of hot glue...maybe more! (yes, i am serious...this is a GLUE INTENSIVE project...and no, cold glue or 3-in-1 is not gonna cut it!)


  1. This is so cool looking!! I don't think I have the willpower and concentration to put this together even if you do say it is easy. There is no way!! No way! That is easy. Its so cool! What a great way to make a gift card a personalized gift! Love it. One day if I feel totally not spacey and am kid free I might have to give it a try. :)

  2. This is so totally cute! Thanks for the link!! ♥

  3. good stinkin' creative is this??!!!!! I love it!!!!!! ::high in fiber:: crackin' me up sista...happy monday!

  4. I do now want a real cupcake, thank you very much ;-)

  5. This sweety really looks yummy..I though for a second there you've been baking... But then..well..Fantastic way to make a gift card a personalized gift! I will look at the video, but will not promise to have a go.... It sure looks difficult, even if you say that it isn't......Hugs to you Hun!

  6. SERIOUSLY AMAZING!! wow!!! I'm in awe!!

  7. If you could hear a faint, "no way! no way! no way!!!" all the way in NJ, it was ME. You had me at "cupcake", but a fun & fabulous gift card holder too? And to make it absolutely perfect, you tell me it is an easy tutorial to follow. I know it must be true :)

    Gotta try this one!!!

  8. SO CUTE! Now if *I* did 3D anything, I think I'd try this because it is so STINKING CLEVER!

  9. Thanks for letting me know about the cupcake you made, I'm so glad it turned out FABULOUS! I'm really loving your blog... the name made me LOL, and your writing style is perfect, so fun!

  10. eeeeek! this is fab!!! love love love it!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this and want to go and watch the video and try my hand at this. I thought it was just a really cute project but doggone it, it's useful too? Well, I must make it now. What a great finished product!


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