Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy, happy, happy


yo ho ho! ye'll be needin' a pirate name, me salty dogs!
(i'm ahead of the game with larrrrrrrren, obviously!)

if you need more help, you could take this pirate quiz.

if you get confused, me hearties, a pirate translator can be found at this U.ARRRRRR.L.

this graph provides an alarrrrrrrrrming statistic!

if ye're feeling arrrrrrrrrrtistic, why not try some pirate arrrrrrrrmigurumi?

or perhaps ye'd prefer a pirate hat?
(avec built in eye-patch, naturellement!)

it'd go nicely with this pirate (monkee) shirt!

this pirate game looks fun--(it's an ARRRRRR.P.G.!)

but beware of pirate legos!

if ye gets tired of bread and water, there's pirate cake!
(watch out for sea monsters though, ye scurvy landlubbers!)

these pirate dingbats may well have been used by long john silver himself! there's also pirate cliparrrrrrrt!

i'm sure captain hook could've used one of *THESE*!
(the "glow in the darrrrrrrrk" feature is useful, indeed!)

if you're hurt (in an arrrrrrrrrrgument?!) there are pirate bandaids.

and apparently, me old sea dogs, there's AN APP for this!!!


  1. Okay that is too cute. I need that pirate hat and stuff for Sheldon the bald rat. Wouldn't that be a hilarious picture? haha

  2. I'm ahead of the game too matey - Trrrrrrashargh.

  3. Awwww that kitty is so cute :-) Cats rule!!

  4. Love it me matey. I missed the whole thing yesterday. Arrrrr. Your post is adorrrrrable.

  5. I'm so bummed I missed talk like a pirate family, however, is probably grateful :)

    (-: Heidi


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