Sunday, September 12, 2010

heart the art: week 36 (TOGETHER)

this week's HEART THE ART prompt is TOGETHER. coincidentally, it happened to fall just two weeks before a significant wedding anniversary; yep, as of september 21st, lovely husband jeff will have been my lovely husband for twenty five years!!!

really the most prominent thing i feel about this is: HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?! because i swear it was only like 15 minutes ago that i was 21 years old and wearin' the big fluffy hair and big fluffy dress that new jersey state law mandated circa 1985. and suddenly i blinked and


a quarter century just zipped by like it was NOTHING!!!

other than the fact that clearly there are serious liberties being taken by the folks in charge of timekeeping on this planet, i must say that i am genuinely still as deliriously happy as i was on that day, unutterably grateful to have had all these lovely years, and very much looking forward to ANOTHER twenty five with my sweet guy!



  1. Oh Lauren HAPPY anniversary to you and Jeff :-D

  2. How BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Happy Anniversary Lauren and Jeff!!!
    LOVE that photo :)

  3. Hi hun, BIG congrats to you and Jeff. It mine and Hubby's anniversary this weekend... only another 19 years to go for us to reach your little ol' milestone. Hope it's a happy, happy day for you both, Jo x

  4. In this day and age these anniverssaries are so rare, it's wonderful to see! My 20th is coming up in Dec. Congrats! Your page is beautiful!

  5. Happy anniversary to you both!! Beautiful page and love the picture... Hug!

  6. What an awesome milestone! Hugs & kisses to you and LHJ (although it is waaaay more appropriate for the kissing to come from you!)
    The days are long, but the years are short! :)

  7. lovely! Happy Anniversary:))

  8. Yeah!!! Congrats!! How Serendipitous! I love this. I get to see a wedding pic of the lovely Lauren and know that her wedding anniversary is close to mine. hahaha (my ten year is coming up too)

    This is an awesome addition to your book! I love it. :) Great together page.

  9. happy early anniversary!!!!! Such a huge dealio...big congrats!!!!

  10. Happy happy happy anniversary to one of the loveliest couples I know! This is a great picture, and you are truly beautiful in it. And the added tulle is another stroke of pure Lauren-y genius :)


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