Monday, September 20, 2010

millefiori* crocheted scarf

this is the hand made portion*** of niece lindsay's birthday present, and it was not only exceedingly easy to make (a great beginner crochet project, if anyone is looking for one!) but also quite fun!

that mouth-wateringly lovely variegated yarn was hand-dyed by my friend cheryl a few years ago; at the time i think i made a couple of little baby hats but somehow i kept "saving" it for just the right project. and now i am SO GLAD i did, because this really is the perfect thing to show off the entire range of beautifully bright colors, isn't it?!

i didn't have an actual pattern for this (though there are TONS of free ones online!) i more or less winged it after looking at a bunch of similar items: i love the gorgeous vibrant shades of this scarf, i like the clusters of lots of teeny blooms on this one, and here are some wonderfully clear & helpful instructions for the main type of flower i made, although the super-cool & very fancy "wild irish rose" at the very end of the scarf came from this book; and after i mastered the basic flower shape, i was just sort of making up different combinations of centers and petals so that i would have a range of sizes and shapes!

i am hoping to get a photo of miss lindsay modelling this at her party in a couple of weeks, at which time you will see the scarf in its full glory! ♥♥♥

*ok, there are not quiiiiiiiite 1,000 flowers here. technically speaking, there are only 31 flowers here; but "the baskin-robbins** scarf" just doesn't sound all that elegant, does it?

**rats! i want ice cream... :)

***all children in aunt lauren's realm get the same "real present" on pretty much every occasion: a savings bond. which is practical, but mind-numbingly dull. so aunt lauren also makes something she thinks the child will enjoy. for the really small fry, aunt lauren also throws in an inexpensive little toy ... (a sticker book, a puzzle, a simple crafting kit) ...b/c this not aunt lauren's first rodeo and she knows that to anyone under the age of six there is just no substitute for something that can be played with IMMEDIATELY!


  1. As always - what a beautiful piece of art. I love the yarn and you've saved it for just the right piece. Beautiful.

  2. Is there anything you don't do BRILLIANTLY?!! Holy smokes this is GORGEOUS!

  3. Hang on, now I am confused. Does this mean that there are a 1000 flowers in this rodeo of yours? And how do the riders stay on them?

  4. W.O.W.
    What a lucky girl!
    This is GORGEOUS!!! And you were very wise to use this particular yarn for this particular project.

  5. haha...your consistently crack me your B&R scarf:) I can't believe you 'winged' it...although I should believe it since you are oh-so-multi-talented...I love your giftie explanations and you are a wonderful auntie!!

  6. OH-MY-WORD!! You don't even know how much I wished I knew how to crochet right now!! I would seriously wear this myself!! Love it, love it, L♥VE IT!!!

    (-: Heidi

  7. LOVE this, masterpiece, you are the greatest auntie ;-), looking forward to see little miss Lindsay with the scarf!!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

    :-) Linda

  8. what a beautiful scarf!! wow! love the pretty hand dyed yarn and your crochet skill is amazing, girl! your friend will LOVE this!

  9. Ooh I love it -- it's got that hippie vibe!

  10. Now this I could probably do... well, maybe. Hmmm, probably not.
    But it's awesome to look at! :)
    Be expecting a wail from me any minute... this counting thing is beyond me!

  11. ooooooooh, this is very pretty. And so colorful. Love that it's handdyed. And I am so proud of you for including a gift for immediate gratification. Makes a big difference to a little one. (And to us big ones too. hahaha)

  12. Aunt Lauren, this is MARVELOUS - I love all the delicious color and she is going to be so happy when she gets it. With regards to the postscripts - while not as instantly fun as something expensive that will break quickly, the savings bond is a responsible gift they'll appreciate in the future (nothing wrong with that) and besides, you do put in something lovely just for them and a little something else. You're aces in my book of Auntie-isms!

  13. Darling! Wonderful bright colors every little girl would love. And YOU are so clever to invent your own flower patterns in other sizes :)

  14. You make crochet look like so much fun ! Really does remind me of those little multi-coloured beads.


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