Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the view from here:

is rather nice, actually!

we are having an *AMAZINGLY* great, lazy, beachy, wonderful time! we do not have constant/reliable internet access. we are surprisingly unconcerned by this. we are considering applying to the north myrtle beach chamber of commerce for the positions of executive beach bums #1 and #2. we are confident we can ACE the interview with our superior lazy sprawling skills!

(i have autoposted my cards for the new CAARDVARKS challenge which starts on saturday, do be sure to check in then b/c the DT have waaaaaaaaaay rocked the casbah!!!)


  1. Yo clever girl...we get a pic of you and LHJ and you are taking the pic!

    I am glad you two are having a fabulously restful week. You both deserve it :)

    Miss you bunches!

  2. LOVE the photo :)

    MISS YOU!!!!

    Have fun!!

  3. Wahooohooh ...
    Way to go Miss Lauren...

    super orderly having your cards all ready to go!!!!!!

    Adios Amigo`s

  4. Don't look might see the shade of green I'm turning! lol!

    Sounds like you are having a fab time! LOVE that pic!

    (-: Heidi

  5. What a great picture.

    Sounds like you are having fun :-)

  6. Looks good:-)
    Glad you are having a good time, but .... miss you and your art!

  7. How clever! I'm sooo going to try this. Thanks for the great inspiration. Love your blog header!


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