Wednesday, June 10, 2009

very possibly no one else...

...will find this funny. which is fine. trust me, *I* find it funny enough for all of us! and it's my blog. so there.

i hasten to say, sadly, this is not my caption, it's just one i saw on i can has cheezburger the other day and over which i am still chuckling intermittently. so if you're driving to work in new jersey today, and you see a woman in a black impreza laughing be sure to wave...that'll be me! :)

ddedwydd Dydd Mercher, anwyliaid!*

*which according to inter-tran is welsh for, "happy wednesday, darlings!"


  1. If you see an ex-pat on top of hill cursing her blurry stupid car that hates the rain that'll be me!

    Loving that cheezburger.

  2. lol! So THAT'S where all those consonants came from!

  3. Shall I tell you now that I am part Welsh.


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