Friday, June 12, 2009

52Q: 21

here's another 52Q. this one was a goodie, too: fun to think about, fun to make, and i got to use a bunch of teeny silly stickers that i have no idea where they came from or why i've held on to them, except i think they are hilarious. oof...and actually...i guess it turns out I DID USE maybe it wasn't so silly afterall! :)

question 20: if you had a free day with NO restrictions...what would you choose to do?

(materials, front: bit of a subway map; frances meyer & mrs. grossman stickers; dymo labels (trimmed--a bit wonkily--for a different look and also to fit better); colorbox ink; materials, back: bit of a different map; ice cream & empire state bldg. cut from a magazine; fortune from a cookie; visitor's badge from the metropolitan museum of art; cavallini, hello kitty & mrs. grossman stickers)

since we're lucky enough to live only 90 minutes outside of manhattan, i almost always choose to spend a "free day" in the city. i go to a museum...or two... (the met is my all-time fave, but in nyc you're spoilt for choice!) ...i have a nice lunch...i walk around and take pictures...and generally just soak up the vibe! truth be told the "free" part of a free day is nearly as exciting as the "city" part...but the city part is quite nice, also! which reminds me...i haven't had a free day in far too long...hmmmmmmmmmm...


  1. fun, fun, fun!!!! Mmmm...gelato....happy friday sista!!!

  2. I will come with you. I'll hop on the train, and meet you there :)

  3. Oooh, That would be an amazing way to spend a free day! I would love to visit NYC some day!

    Fab creation! Blue ribbon for best use of tiny stickers!

    (-: Heidi

  4. This is great...wish I could have a day in NYC! With you to show me around of course!!!!
    I'm struggling with this one as ALL my days are free days right now...LOL! But I can have fun with the no restrictions part :)


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