Saturday, June 13, 2009

life's a beach!!!

myrtle beach, south carolina, to be specific.
for a whole entire week.
this week, actually.

and for the first time in two years, i've decided not to blog as i go. for one thing, i'm not sure how much internet we will have...for another (ARRRGH!) the laptop has been acting a bit freaky... (though i think* i have it fixed now!) and for a third thing, i'm wondering if i even know HOW to live internet-less for a week...which i feel is a bit of a sign of hardcore i think a little "unplugging" is in order.

as i write this, i owe everyone in the universe--with the exception of the dalai lama and bruce willis--an email; and don't even get me started on the subject of my recent performance with regard to blog-visiting!!! ...but...und ziss iss a beeeeeeeg "but" ain't gonna happen this week. sorry, folks! however, upon my return i promise, i shall be a wholly reformed character!**

happy vacation, darlings!!!

*if your windows-based computer wants to download "service pack 3" consider taking the following steps FIRST:

1. make sure you've done everything computery you need to do for the next few days
2. back up EVERY SINGLE FILE. every. single. file.
3. download the instructions for un-installing it (in case of the ludicrously absurd scenario that it somehow DOESN'T WORK & refuses to let you start up windows ever again!)
4. refill your antidepressant prescriptions
5. go to church and make a novena
6. boff yourself repeatedly on the head until unconsciousness ensues
7. repeat steps 1-6 as many times as necessary
(not that i think you will have trouble or sirree bob! i mean hey, if you can't trust those adorably sweet & fluffy folks at microsoft, by golly, WHO CAN YOU TRUST??!??!)

**WHAT??!??! it could happen. no, seriously. why are you laughing in that funny way and snorting coffee out of your nose??!


  1. LOL! Coffe WAS coming out of my nose, but I was laughing at your microsloth comments, not at your self-reforming! We call these things "undocumented features". Those Service Packs can be s-c-a-r-y. I upgraded to IE7, kicking and screaming that I was NOT READY, only because my laptop went belly-up, so on re-install of Windows, I got IE7. But I RESISTED for ever-so-long, I did. And that was just the browser upgrade! I think it took me several years to do one of the Service Packs. REALY scary. I want a MAC.

  2. PS: Unplug and ENJOY! Who knows, you might even like it. Let us know how that goes, cuz I'll be in FL in October, and they got wi-fi, so ...

  3. Hey have fun on your trip. I've been unplugged more lately. Its worth it! Talk to ya soon!

  4. enjoy your time away!! i think it is a fabulous idea!

  5. Wahaooohoooh..nope not jelous one bit here in flamin cold England!!!!!
    Yahahahah Have the best time ever Lauren...
    Loves to ya all :) xxx

  6. You have the best posts! I am totally jealous as we still had some snow this week! Look amazing, have a great time! Make sure you are 'double fisted' during your trip!

  7. shall I meet you at the beach or at the coffee shop? Dang, that is one gorgeous pic!

    unplugged?? what is it that you speak of?? good for you sista...On my last vaca I had to be unplugged and came back to well over 1000 posts in my google's the crazy thing...I couldn't just hit the "mark as read" button {or whatever it is labeled}...I might miss a coolio tut or fab color combo that was "calling my name"...

    have a super relaxing time my friend and can't wait to see all the lovely scrapbook pages you'll be creating with all of your vaca pics!

  8. Holidays? Really? I haven't even sent you a parcel or anything. Hmph, well... maybe I shall just fix that . That will teach you to go away and have a lovely time. HA!

  9. Have a FABULOUS TIME!!!!
    Can't wait for your return :)

  10. I am utterly addicted to the computer. Perhaps I should try your lovely relaxing version of computer re-hab :)

    Thank goodness I had my coffee earlier today!

  11. I'm sure you are going to have an AMAZING week - that beach looks fantastic! Wow! Go get a little sun and D-vitamines for me too, will you? I'm pale as's been raining for a couple of weeks now :P

    Sounds like a healthy decision to take a break from your internet addiction (Me? I'm beyond therapy). Already looking forward to your next update though.

    Enjoy, sweetie!

  12. I am totally and utterly jealous. It is FREEZING down to -4(C) this week!!!! Right at this very moment it is miserable and wet and cold...I want to come with you!!!!
    I think it's a great idea to unplug! I had to be computer-less for a few days when my hard drive crashed and it taught me just how addicted I was to the darn thing. So I have cut back on the number of blogs I get in my reader :( It's better for me good luck!!!
    Enjoy your time off...I think you deserve a little R & R with LHJ and I will be looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back :) xoxoxox

  13. Have an amazing week off Lauren! In fact, I wish you an entire week of not even THINKING about computery stuff!

    (-: Heidi

  14. Oh gosh,way to late, but I hope you have a great vacation, but looking at that wonderful blue ocean and that great beach...I think you will!
    Hope to see you soon!!!


  15. hope you're hanging out on the beach as i type this!! have a great holiday!!

  16. What a great name for your blog!! Have fun! :)


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