Monday, May 8, 2023

Mandala Monday: Ink Over Collage Tutorial

It’s an ink over collage mandala Monday featuring all my favorite Wendy Vecchi Archival Inks… with photos to show you all the steps!

Step one: Make a random collage of vintage text paper, keeping the paper patinas fairly light and consistent.

Step two: Scribe a circle at the center of your collage and fill it with the ink of your choice; in this case Wendy Vecchi Orange Blossom Archival from Ranger.

Step three: Add petals, circles, hearts and other shapes in rings, working outward, using the Ranger Archival inks of your choice.

Step four: Use a fine tipped black pen to outline the basic shapes. Use Ranger Detail Applicators to fill in any blank spots with ink.

Step five: Add additional line details and, if desired, add some additional color contrast or shading with markers. And maybe a little white with a Posca pen...?

Step six: Trim the completed mandala into four equal pieces. Mat the four quarters on a coordinating color of cardstock and adhere to four A6 white cards. Stitch around the edges of the Mandala panels if desired.

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