Sunday, May 14, 2023

Make Your Own Rainbow!

Flashing back to the autumn of 2012: Hurricane Sandy left us without electricity for eleven days, and pretty much the only thing I could accomplish in the evenings, by candlelight, were very simple (and BRIGHT!) crochet projects, so I made a few of Caitlin Walker's beautiful Rainy Day Scarves from a free pattern she had posted on her blog. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the pattern again in one of my yarncraft notebooks and thought it was exactly what I wanted to make for my niece Maddie's birthday. So I did.

I changed the clouds from grey to white... less realistic, but better with this lighter palette, I thought. One my Maddie's favorite colors is aqua, so I chose the other shades to incorporate it. Lion Brad's Vanna's Choice is a medium weight acrylic with a huge palette, so it tends to be my go-to for amigurumis and other colorful projects. In this case I used Periwinkle, Colonial Blue, Aquamarine, Radiant Lime, Mustard, Goldfish and Raspberry for the rainbow and a J hook to keep the stitches loose and the fabric comfortably pliant.

Slightly tangentially to the above, is an idea about keeping a record of one's yarn creations. If, like me, you're a crocheter or knitter who makes mostly gift items, you probably already photograph and post your projects, so it might seem silly to also PRINT the pics and put them all in a little book together. but... I highly recommend it! Not only is it fun to look back on allllllllllllllllllll the things you've made, but it's incredibly helpful for remembering what you've made for whom and when; as well as what pattern you used, which yarn and needle/hook size, and any changes or adjustments you made to the pattern; specific colorways, etc.

You obviously don't need to make a special ATC book (hey... I'm a papercrafter... it's what I do, lol) it could be as simple as pasting pictures into a blank book and writing the date with a few notes, or using index or rolodex cards in a little filing system, but I believe you will find it as helpful and inspiring as I do to have ALL of your previous projects in one handy place! 

I'd write more about this idea, but it'd be taking away time from working on my next yarn creation, which is an amigurumi ice cream cone! ♥

PS: Blogger is another great record-keeping tool, especially since it's searchable; a quick check of tags reveals that I originally made and posted this Ami Minibook in August of 2010 and you can read all about it right HERE! :) 

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  1. This is such a cool idea. And you're right about blogger being a good resource also. I've often referred back to projects or even events by using the search function.


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