Saturday, March 4, 2023

Tag! You're It!

Coloring (somewhat realistically; with shading, etc) is not my BEST thing and probably won't ever be but... practicing definitely helps and (me being me) each time I improve a bit I enjoy it more, which makes me want to do it more, which helps me improve. It's like the reverse of a vicious circle... what would we call that?* A virtuous circle? A benevolent circle?? Well, whatever, it helps!

At Paper Anthology, Elisabeth and I have been making Thank You tags to put inside online orders, which turns out to be an excellent excuse to break out pretty much ANY stamp or die set we feel like using. In this case that was, for the bears, Lawn Fawn's Den Sweet Den and Avery Elle's Feels Like Home Add Ons. As usual, my favorite way to do this kind of coloring is to "basecoat" all of the elements with Tombow Dualbrush Pens, then add shading and detail with Prismacolor pencils.

*While trying to work out what the opposite of a vicious circle would be, I Googled the phase, "Vicious Antonyms" which I think would be an awesome name for a band. If you have a band, and you're looking for a name, please feel free to use it!

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