Sunday, January 8, 2023

Pink Lemonade Minibook

My friend Gina is one of the most creative people I know and absolutely the best at drawing recognizable creatures (a fact which I envy A LOT!) people, plants and pretty much everything else. Lately she's been firing up her Redbubble, Etsy and Zazzle shops and filling them with the most beautiful digitally collaged stickers and printables for planners, cardmaking and more; not to mention pillows, mugs and other cool accessories. They are DEFINITELY worth a look if you're looking for any kind of custom gift or just some fabulous eye candy for yourself. A few months ago, Gina sent me a bunch of printed sheets with fish, cats, bunnies, portraits and more. I love absolutely ALL of them, but the jungle animals done in PINK were (surprise!) my favorites. For her birthday, I decided to make them into a minibook. Gina made a video of it, which is very cool indeed. My still photos aren't quiiiiite as impressive but... I still love them.

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