Friday, January 13, 2023

Belles and Bells

This fortnight we're ringing in the new year and putting the accent on BELLS at Jingle Belles, so we'd like to see cards with sleigh bells, church bells, jingle bells or... well, whatever kind of bell you can think of. I went with an older die* that my fellow Jersey Girl and cardmaker Lorraine (of Paper Vernissage) gave me in the first or second year of Jingle Belles, and which I still find very useful and beautiful!

For this card, I cut the bells out twice: once from a scrap of velvetty-textured cardstock in a bold cerise and a second time from metallic gold, which I've used as a sort of drop shadow behind the pink. The sweet deer and most of his coordinating pink papers are from Prima's Candy Cane Lane collection; there's also some older Prima and a few anonymous scraps. I was in a shabby chic kind of mood, so I did a bunch of distressing, sanding, inking and stitching; though this A7 card is quite nicely flat and mailable.

A small (exciting!) side note: more than HALF of my 2022 holiday cards were mailable using ordinary postage! Admittedly many of them needed either an extra ounce or a second full-price stamp but still... it's a personal best that made me quite happy. I'm definitely going to attempt a similar feat this year!

Meanwhile, Stephanie's card is waiting to inspire you at Jingle Belles; you should probably hop over and check that out.

*It's Memory Box's Jingle Bell Border and seems to have been discontinued for a while; apologies if that is a bummer. I assume there are similar dies available from somewhere.

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  1. It is a challenge in itself to keep them flat. And postage is going up again next week. Wonderfully done!


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