Saturday, April 16, 2022

Whole Lotl Love

Nothing says "Happy Spring" quite as well as a bunch of rainbow axolotls, am I right? Ok maybe not, but I've just made a bunch of rainbow axolotls and I'm totally smitten with them, lol, so let's just pretend that makes sense. Before you ask, YES, axolotls (I've linked to Wikipedia to save you Googling) are a real species of aquatic salamander; they really do have those crazy triple gills around their face, and they really can be found in interestingly bright colors, including PINK! Having said that, this sweet Baby Axolotl pattern from Minigurumi is very stylized and kawaii... in a good way!  

My friend Gina, who is an aquarium lover and has had pet axolotls in the past, found this teeeeeeeny version on Minigurumi's Instagram and I decided to surprise her with one. Mine's pretty small... about 1.25" tall... but not nearly as small as the ones on IG (amigurumi size is based on what combination of yarn and hook you use; I tend not to go much smaller than a C hook for reasons of sanity and eyesight) but he (or she?) is pretty flippin' cute! I had so much fun making the first one that I decided to experiment with other colors and yarn/hook combos and made a little family of them for another friend and her kiddos. These range from about 2.25" (pink) to 3.5" (yellow). The most challenging part is attaching their tiny little one-stitch feet, but luckily after completing the second one, I had a brainwave about putting them on BEFORE closing up the body, and that made a huge difference! 

I hope you've had a LOTL fun seeing my tiny wooly pals! :)

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