Friday, April 1, 2022

Forever Plaid

We're still celebrating PLAID at Jingle Belles and you're still invited to join the fun! This week I broke out my ColorBurst pigment powders and brushes of various size to paint a fun, slightly wonky plaid* design of my very own in shades of pink, red and yellow. Then I traced a set of oversized metallic letters to make a HUGE custom sentiment and layered it over several layers of patterned paper including a super-cool My Mind's Eye plaid from a year or two ago. This might not be the busiest card I've ever made, but it's probably pretty close, lol!

Hand-painted plaid might be more effort than you'd do for a holiday card; but on the other hand, it is one of my favorite things to do with watercolors or markers! If you're intrigued by the idea, I hope you'll try it some time. This flip-style video on my Instagram account from a few years ago shows the basic steps, which are, briefly: 

1. Paint or draw parallel stripes of one color across your paper. 

2. Change direction and paint stripes of a different width, perpendicular to the first set. 

3. Alternate these steps until you have a plaid design you like. 

4. Add outlines, dots, faux stitches, real stitches or anything else that takes your fancy. Hand painted plaids make awesome backgrounds or wonderfully unique diecuts! 

Of course there are also LOTS of beautiful stamps, stencils, ribbons, washi tapes and patterned papers which are already plaid, and that'll give you a head start on making a card to link up with us at Jingle Belles. Be sure to hop over and see Stephanie's card for this week, as well.


  1. Might be almost the busiest card you think you made but it's still and all Lauren card. Great inspiration,

  2. Love this pretty plaid and I love what all you put with it.

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