Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Rainbow Brad Book (Part 3 of 3)

It's the final chapter in my Eyelet Outlet Rainbow Brad Book, and while there isn't a big plot twist or anything, there are some great colors, like Yellow, Black, White and Red!

YELLOW turned out to have LOTS of great brad styles, like Emotion Brads, a Party Hat, Work Trucks, Lightbulbs (they're on sale!), a Colored Daisy, a Sun Brad, a Classic Car, a School Bus, a Mini Bee Brad, a Peppermint Candy and some very cool Tape Measure Washi.

BLACK is a great place to use my favorite Music Washi, not to mention Eye Glass Brads, a Graduation Hat, a Bicycle Brad, a sweet Puppy and Paw Print, a Zebra, a Cow, the fun Video Game set, Movie Brads, a Spider and a Bat.

I was surprised to discover how many awesome choices of brad are WHITE! Kitten Brads, Toilet Paper, Clouds, another Cow (I couldn't decide if the Cows were more black or more white, so I added one to each page, lol!), a Heart, Sneaker and Water Bottle Brads, a Chicken with both Egg and Fried Egg Brads, a Ghost, some Eye Brads and a Skull. I used some Gold Script Washi as my tape for this page.

Finally, the color RED belongs at the beginning of the spectrum, and has been placed at the front of the completed book, but it was the final page I worked on. Below a strip of Red Dot Tape, it boasts Cardinal and Cardinal Profile Brads, First Responders, the Apple set, a Mini Ladybug. a Vacuum, Boat and Lighthouse Brads, an Anchor, Coffee, Holiday Coffee and Iced Coffee, plus our handsome Crab and Lobster.

Once I had all the pages complete, I placed them in (more or less) spectrum order. This shot doesn't really show the brads, but I love that because the page frames are solid cardstock in coordinating shades you get a great preview of all the colors by looking at the top of the book:

I hope you'll visit the Eyelet Outlet Blog often, to see what all of our amazing designers are up to!

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