Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Rainbow Brad Book (Part 2)

I'm still working my way through the rainbow of Eyelet Outlet Brads (and Washi!) so here are a few more pages in my Rainbow Brad Book:

The PINK page features Pigs from the Pig and Sheep set, a flowery Handbag from the Shoe and Purse set, a Stitched Flower, Thread (and Scissors), a Cupcake Swirl Brad, a Flamingo, a couple of Donuts and an Ice Cream Brad; with a strip of ZigZag Pink Tape.

The BLUE page has some gorgeous Cloud Washi, as well as Stars, Parrots from the Tropical Bird set, Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Soap Brads, Tissues, a Blue Bird from the Blue Bird and Robin set, Birthday Candles and a couple of Safety Pins.

The GREY page (technically there are no neutrals in a rainbow, but there are lots in the EO Store!) consists of: Mail Brads, Garden Tools, an Elephant from the Jungle Mix, a Muffin Pan from the Baking set and a Saucepan from our Cooking Brads, a Sketched Owl, a Koala, and some Pipe Brads; plus a bit of fun skinny Road Washi.

The GREEN Page boasts Wreath and Holly Brads, a Gecko from the Reptile set, Summer Trees, a Tractor carrying Colored Egg Brads, Wine Brads, a Dinosaur and a Tall Palm Tree; all hovering above some damask-inspired Green Pattern Tape.

Stay tuned for the final installment of the Rainbow Brad Book... next Wednesday on the Eyelet Outlet Blog!


  1. Fantastic rainbow cards, must check out installment, What a great collection of brads you can find at the Eyelet Outlet.

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