Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wrapping Up the Alphabet

It's the final section of my (Lauren's) Alphabetical Brad Minibook, comprising the letters Q through Z,  and featuring lots more awesome Eyelet Outlet Brads.

Throughout the project, in order to have enough brads to cover the entire alphabet, I've occasionally gotten creative with my names, and sometimes doubled up on letters. For example, the first card in this section covers both Q and R, with "Quacker" represented by our Duck Brads; for "Queen" I've got a Tiara from the Crown and Tiara set; Thread Brad and a Scissor Brad stand in for "Quilting"; the Rainbow is from the Unicorn and Rainbow set; the ring is from our Wedding Brads; and the Rooster Brad speaks for himself.

For the letter S we have: the Sun from Sun and Cloud Brads; Colorful Sunglass Brads, a Sloth from the Sloth and Koala set; a pair of handsome Scarecrows and a Strawberry Brad, which, alas, is now out of print.

The letter T has some good ones: I don't feel like I use our Tractor Brads enough, so it was fun to work one in; same deal for the Typewriter that's in our Typewriter and Hand set; a Tee Shirt from the Jeans and Tee Shirt set; the "Toast" is actually the champagne glasses from our Wedding Brads; and finally some Toilet Paper from the new Toilet Paper and Tissue Brads.

U and V have teamed up together, with: "Utensils" which are technically called Silverware Brads; the umbrella is actually a Beach Umbrella; but the Unicorn Brad is pretty straightforward. Two Heart Brads are masquerading as "Valentines"; the Vacuum Brad is self explanatory; and the "Valise" is from our Travel Brads set.

Surprisingly there are LOTS of great W brads, including: "Words" which are from the Superhero Sayings Brads; a Water Bottle from the Sneaker and Water Bottle Brads; Witch Hats and Witch Legs are each called that, respectively; Waffles come from the Chicken and Waffles set; and the Water Lily is from the Frog Set.

The last card is a triple play, with X, Y and Z all sneaking in! The "X-ray" is a Skull Brad; the "Xmas Tree" is a Pine Tree Brad; the "Yolk" hails from the Bacon, Egg and Toast set; a Yoga Cats always make me smile and they're on sale; Zebra is one third of the Lion, Tiger, Zebra Set and "Zinfandel" is my take on our Wine Brads.

And finally, one last shot of all the ATC-sized pages on their book ring, with the entire alphabet complete:

To see the rest of the pages, click this link and all of the ABC Brad Book posts will load on the Eyelet Outlet Blog.

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