Wednesday, April 7, 2021

More Alphabetical Brads!

I've completed the third section in my Brad Alphabet book, covering the letters M through P; which comprises four new pages, featuring twenty-seven Eyelet Outlet brads in twenty different styles! 

For the letter M, we've got: a trio of mischievous Monkeys from the Jungle Mix; a Mask from the Co-Vid themed Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Soap set; the Mailbox from our Mail Brads; a Mower from the Lawnmower set; and a handsome Moose Brad.

Representing the letter N: a Nutcracker, some (Music) Notes; an Anchor Brad (which I've re-named "Navy"; yes, I've allowed a bit of artistic license with descriptions, so that I'd have enough brads to cover the entire alphabet!); a stack of Novels (technically they are Book Brads); and a Compass Brad is covering Navigation. 

The letter O includes: an Oven Glove from our Cooking Brad set; some Ornaments; a (Sketched) Owl Brad; (we've got really cute colorful owls, as well); an Oak (at least I think it looks like an oak) which is part of the Summer Tree Brads; and a Onesie which technically falls under Baby Shirt, and alas the blue ones are out of stock.

For the sixteenth letter of the alphabet... aka P: a pair of pretty cool Penguins; a festive Party Hat; a slightly unseasonal Pumpkin; Popcorn from the Popcorn and Ticket set; and a Pig from our Pig and Sheep Brads.

My bookring is filling up really nicely with ATC's and I still have TEN letters to go; though when we get to Q, X and Z one suspects there will be a bit of doubling up!

I hope you'll be inspired to check out the wide variety of Eyelet Outlet Brads, I'm pretty sure we've got one or two styles that will be perfect for your next project!

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